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Thread: EGT Lowest Temps

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2009-08-10 15:16:03
EGT Lowest Temps
Hey EGT guys, what A/F gives you the lowest EGT temps for WOT and cruising? I've been reading about some cars in general and it looks like 14.7 to 15.1 renders the highest EGT's.
2009-08-10 15:36:59

2009-08-10 18:14:02
That's only to a point.
The richer and richer you keep going the lower the temps until you start having combustion in the exhaust manifold, in which they will then rise again.

This is a good read:
Tech Page
2009-08-10 18:29:05
Many people think that the leaner you go, the higher the EGT gets. This is also incorrect. Peak EGT occurs at stoichiometry- about 15 to 1 for our purposes. If you go richer than 15 to 1, EGT will drop and if you go leaner than 15 to 1 EGT will ALSO drop. It is VERY important to know which side of peak EGT you are on before making adjustments.

that is interesting, where before and after 15:1 the temps will drop
2009-08-11 00:47:54
Originally Posted by BenFenner

Source: Calibration guides

Sweet! That sounds great. My idea is to go over 1 lambada for gas mileage reasons. If you look at the best MPG, it's right at 16.1-16.5, which should be well below the peak temps. I'm also looking to do this to reduce the underhood temps due to hot summer weather and AC not liking all that heat

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