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Thread: Key Out - Engine Still Runs

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2009-08-08 20:24:42
Key Out - Engine Still Runs
Background on my car: 2000 Sentra SE that I just performed a B14 conversion on (ECU and IM).

The car starts and runs, but the problem I am running into is when I turn the key to the off position. After doing so, the engine revs up, going from about 1,500 RPM to 2,000 RPM and continues to run for about five seconds.

I don't have an OBDII scanner at the moment, so I can't pull the codes from the ECU to see if any of the codes could be causing the problem, and the car is not drivable right now so I can't drive it to Autozone.

Does anyone have any ideas on what could cause this or what I should check?
2009-08-09 18:38:33
what is ur idle set at 1500rpm thats kinda high. and we need more detail, did u do a swap of some sort.

when i did mine i lost my high idle...? but i never swapted over my intake manifold, i am running a ve one, with no idle air controlle
did u wire in an iac or no
2009-08-09 19:06:50
I haven't set my idle yet. I have only run the car for about 30 seconds to a minute at a time since the cooling system is not in yet. I didn't think 1500 RPM was too high for a cold start on a engine that hasn't run fro a year.

The B14 IAC is wired in, but I have a feeling part of the wiring may be wrong since another B15 owner (JP) needed to hook another of the wires to a 12V switched source. Could that cause this issue?
2009-08-10 22:13:31
im pretty sure its the wiring. I had the same problem with my 02 p11 when I first wired it, the car would run after the key was out of the ignition for a little while before it eventually turned off. When i took it to the shop, they redid it for me and now the problem went away. Granted i never even soldered it, so it could have been a bad connection.
2009-08-10 23:34:10
They didn't happen to say what it was that needed rewiring?
2009-08-11 01:04:09
it was the ecu plug wiring, i also have a electronic boost controller and emanage wired to the b14 conversion, so they just redid that part for me. They never really said anything specific to me, just said its fixed.
2009-09-28 21:32:15
I believe this had something to do with the MAF wiring. I am using a Cobra MAF, and I had one of the wires wrong (since the B15 has 4 wires going to the MAF and the Cobra only uses 3 according to the JWT instructions).

After fixing the wiring the engine fires right up (before it would take 2-3 tries for it to fire). The car won't idle, but I believe that is a separate issue.
2009-09-30 19:10:22
Doesn't the Cobra MAF have 4 wires? Two are ground IIRC.
2009-09-30 19:29:45
That's correct, but the B15 harness does not have two ground wires, so you combine the ground wires from the Cobra MAF (B & C) into one.

There are actually two "Power" wires to the MAF on a B15. One called "sensors power supply" only provides 5V. The other is a switches 12V source. The other two wires on the B15 are the signal wire and ground.
2009-09-30 19:43:40
Too late to just get a B14 engine harness to match the ECU you have?
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