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Thread: Need A Par Dog Box Gear Set

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2009-07-22 04:16:14
Need A Par Dog Box Gear Set
Does Anybody On Here Have A Good Par Dog Box Thats Will Get Rid Of It I Have Email Those Like 3 Times And Have Not Heard Back From Them Yet So Im Lookinjg For A Strait Cut Gear Box For This Car Of Mine
2009-07-22 12:21:49
Did you email Gerard@PAR? I gave him the heads up about you last night and he told me that he was on to you. Let me know it goes.
2009-07-22 12:28:30
There is a "wanted" section.

Also: Urban Dictionary: cruise control for cool
2009-07-22 12:31:07
Originally Posted by BenFenner

Also: Urban Dictionary: cruise control for cool

He wasn't asking about grammar, dick
2009-07-22 12:44:01
Originally Posted by b14_vzr
He wasn't asking about grammar, dick

I figure you could use a lesson in vocabulary.

grammar definition | Dictionary.com

punctuation definition | Dictionary.com
2009-07-22 20:20:43
look into ppg gearboxes they rock.
2009-07-22 21:33:11
i thought you had a b15 trans coming to you? you should treat the gears and try that first before dropping a few grand on a gear set. imo.
2009-07-22 21:38:04
i do have one coming should be here any day im trying to put a perment fix on this thats all from what i can tell by looking at them after i break them there aint enough contact patch on the gears so im thinking that par gear set are much bigger than the ones we have now that they would prolly hold up to about everything i can give it thats just what im thinking but maybe im wrong man those gears are so small but i have not ruled your process yet im just trying to get all my options together
2009-07-23 03:28:26
trust me when you open the b15 trans you will see the difference, its has much more support on the stacks to keep them from seperating. dont give up hope yet, im going for 9s as well.
2009-07-23 03:38:37
fred casey broke his housing when he had his part set.
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