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Thread: Anybody running a 25G on their SR20?

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2009-07-19 07:35:03
Anybody running a 25G on their SR20?
My buddy has a 25G off of an Evo that I can get from him for dirt cheap. I know the car that it came off of was making around 550 to the wheels and he took it off cuz he wanted more power. It's a real deal Greddy Evo 25G turbo and manifold, and he's basically giving them to me for what he's asking.

My question is this: For those of you who have Evo's or are familiar with them, are the exhast ports spaced about the same as an SR20 or are they off considerably? He's selling me the the Greddy manifold with the turbo and we were wandering if they're space the same so all I'd have to do is just replace the head flange.

it's this turbo and manifold. http://www.greddy.com/products/display/pop.php?my_img=934.jpg
2009-07-19 07:47:50
Hmm what flange is it that would be the first thing I would check and see if you can bolt it up and go. My brother has a 18g on an avenir mani and its a nice cheap setup that moves out.
2009-07-20 04:22:33
Yeah +2 on the flange. If its not too much trouble and your power goals are similar i would say why not. He is gonna sell a hks turbo dirt cheap? Why would you sell a super expensive turbo dirt cheap? Is it need of a rebuild or something?
2009-07-20 15:09:15
I know if it has the flanges like Garrett turbo's it is a T3 so you would need an adapter or a new manifold. You're probably going to need a custom o2 housing and downpipe. I looked into using this turbo when I was thinking about going bigger. It would be a real good setup and quick spooling.

If you want to keep the stock manifold I would maybe look for a T2 flanged 20G, that one is supposed to make real good power too. That would be my choice, otherwise a Holset does good when you're going for big power.
2009-07-20 17:59:42
It has the 3 bolt flange on it. He only paid $250 for the turbo, manifold, and wastegate, and only needed the wastegate and screamer pipe. The turbo needs to be rebuilt but comes with everything to rebuild it.

I'm not really looking at the turbo for its 550+ hp potential. I've got a stock 10.0:1 engine in my SE-R and a VE in my other car, and don't really feel like building either one at the moment. I just want the turbo cuz the bb t25 I have right now isn't sufficient enough for either engine...
2009-07-20 18:04:59
1, HKS don't use Mitsu turbo's, they're all Garrett's.

2, Greddy use Mitsu's turbo's. If it's a Greddy piece for the EVO, it has 3 bolt inlet and outlet and should be comparable to the SC61.

for that price, I'd run it.

edit: i was wrong, the Greddy 25g for the evo are based on the T67. more lag and power than the SC61.
2009-07-20 19:06:58
My bad, it's a Greddy turbo.
2009-07-20 19:20:53
I would run it! just make sure you car can rev to 9k. it should be fun.
2009-07-20 22:00:18
I was gonna say a hks turbo for 250.00 LOL yeah right. If it was a new bb center cartridge is over 400.00.

But you said its a greddy. I would say pay a shop to rebuild it so its balanced correctly and everything will be good. It shouldnt be too much as you have all the parts already.
2009-07-22 13:28:30
Originally Posted by Keo
I would run it! just make sure you car can rev to 9k. it should be fun.

hell yea run it. like keo said though, you'll never see it's full potential without a little head work.
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