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Thread: broke another trans tonight is there anything we can do ???????

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2009-07-16 03:50:42
broke another trans tonight is there anything we can do ???????
i just built 600+ hp b14 and cant keep a trans in it at all i keep breaking 3rd gear on the street im using 24.5 slicks and itll last about 5 good pulls and break im just woundering if anybody has an answer for this problem im using a p11 trans with a comp plus twin disc clutch theres got to be something us guys can come up with ?????????????
thanks Johnny
2009-07-16 03:57:27
'01-'02 P11 5spd LSD race pony, shot-peened and cryotreated. Thats the best you can do on a FWD SR20.

unless you get that metal Wolverine's claws are mare out of, lol... Sorry to hear this bro, but basically you will have to buy your trannies in BULK.

P.S. got you PM from the other forum, thanks for the tracking #.
2009-07-16 03:59:28
if you are making 600wzf+ then you picked the wrong platform lol.

I would do a QR 6 speed swap, because with the money you have invested you should have no problem forkin over the money for this swap.

You are using the 01-02 P11 box?

Also, running slicks all the time isn't the best either. I'd rather break traction than my trans.
2009-07-16 04:00:07
what year p11 race pony did you use? If it was 99 then its just a regular old B14 race pony.
2009-07-16 04:17:49
Originally Posted by TheRealNighthog
what year p11 race pony did you use? If it was 99 then its just a regular old B14 race pony.

+1, I was just thinking the same thing.

and so it is your sig where I got the race pony gears being made of wolverine claws
2009-07-16 04:28:30
yeah your pretty much gonna fry race ponys all day long.....like N2harm said shot-penning and cryotreating but I don't think your gonna get but about an extra 50 wzf out of it even with that. A p11 is the best race pony you can buy for a FWD setup and is only good for 500wzf. Thats why I built my B15 to only go up to 400wzf because once you pass that mark...bye drivetrain. My advice crank down the harm...way down and get some diff tires that aren't so sticky..like some mickey thompson ET street radials. They aren't quite as sticky as straight slicks but they will still stick like no other.
2009-07-16 04:35:48
what the hell you doing running on slicks on the street, that will kill our trannies in a heartbeat. lol Neways there is not a whole lot. you might want to make sure you have an actual p11 2000+ model.

I have been lucky i guess. I shredded my first 3rd gear just a couple weeks ago after 4 months of hard hard abuse on it. But on street tires on low harm i would still just blow the tires off so it didnt put a whole lot of stress on the gear, I did about 6 passes on it as well. But yeah if you romp on 3rd gear its gonna break, definetly make sure you get the right trans this time around.
2009-07-16 05:04:49
i just bought it last week after i bust another 3rd last week it was suposed to be a p11 2000 but when i got it said 99 but i havent ran the #s will the gear sets out of the later years fit in it i havent torn either one down yet what does it excatly do to the 3rd gear shread the gear or does it come lose on the shaft ? you think the 3rd gear is just weak maybe we could get a machine shop to make them out of some better metal ? it seems to be always 3rd ? im running slicks all the time we do alot street racing around here and i built this thing for som fast v8s and some fast hondas but i havent been able to put it on them yet because of the trans issues i beginning to think i might just part it out and start with another type of car but i really do like this one im even thinking of turning the motor straight and put powerglide behind the motor and ut a reand end in it but thats alot of work and also a bunch of money . the car is very fast and fun as **** to drive but i dont know what to do now ?
thanks for any input guys
2009-07-16 05:07:39
you need a race pony that is a 2000-01. No 99's. Case closed. Get one of those and Im pretty sure that you will have alot less issues.
2009-07-16 05:14:13
man those trans are to find will the gear set out of a 00-01 fit in the 99 because ill buy a new set and put them in ? it would be eaiser to that than find another trans these things are getting hard to find
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