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Thread: Wonder if this will fit?

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2009-07-07 16:34:49
Looks great and all, but the reason I'd want an external wastegate (better boost control, can run lower boost than currently) are not provided by this installation. The benefits of a higher flowing wastegate are negated by the fact that the exhaust must still pass through the original internal wastegate port with its limited size.

Those having a hard time mounting the internal wastegate actuator, or having other spacial limitation problems might benefit from this, but not me. =(
2009-07-07 17:44:50
^^ true, but the DSM guys have been doing this for awhile and they port the stock WG holes. I'm considering this because I want to run the 18G turbo I have laying around.
2009-07-07 17:46:22
If there is room to port the wastegate hole, then you're in business. I tried porting my T28 and there isn't much room to grow at all.
2009-07-07 17:47:25
yes, there is room on the 18g.

here's more on the dp itself

Divorced and transformable 3" Downpipe for Evo X: atpturbo.com
2009-07-07 19:55:40
Originally Posted by N2Boost

O.T. @Keo- What, if any cams did you use with the SC61 set-up you had? what about BC stg 3s, b/c that's what I got If you're getting full boost at around 4500rpm, you would rather have cams with low end power right, to compensate for the later spool compared to t25/28s/disco potatos

brad is the guy you need to talk too.

Originally Posted by N2Boost

Is it just me, but I feel like the 240s are the civic of the Nissan world, thos bastards get everything made for their car, while us fwd guys are left out in the cold, constantly fabricating and getting creative. But i know, not enough potential buyers, as a whole, we're too cheap, etc., etc...

True, never had problems looking for parts for my S14's.

Originally Posted by insane
Yeah, we get screwed for the most part. But If we were like hondas you could just go to autozone or pep boys and deck out our cars, they would become too common, and we would have to switch to a new platform. I like being original even if i have to custom make everything.

If i wantend bolt on and go i would buy an sti or an evo and call it a day.

i'd get a Porsche 911 turbo or a Vette.
2009-07-07 23:17:38
Yeah i would prob. get a porsche 928 and build and twin turbo it. There are a few guys around here running around with sc'd 928s. One was making 628whp, and now he is putting twin 3076r's on with twin tial 44's, he is one crazy old guy. LOL

The cool thing about them is they can be had pretty cheap.
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