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Thread: Confused as hell

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2009-07-04 23:17:54
Confused as hell
Alright, well Im in the middle of a swap right now, and its time to hook the turbo back up.... I ordered the oil return/feed lines from GFD, and sat there for a minute to look at everything. I got completely confused on which one is the feed and which one is the return lines. Someone help me. I know this is a rookie mistake, just dont want to mix them up.

It's a Avenir W11 with a T25
2009-07-05 02:46:44
I didn't know the GFD had a turbo oil drain line/kit.

The drain stuff should be a lot larger than the feed lines. If that helps?
Do you have links to these products from the GFD site you can give us to maybe help more?
2009-07-05 05:25:22
GFD T25 / T28 Oil Feed Line
Go Fast Depot

GFD T25 / T28 Water Line Kit
Go Fast Depot

I think I know where they go into the block, but not sure which side of the turbo has the feed or return. Compressor side of a T25 is the feed line right?
2009-07-05 06:23:28
the oil return is a two bolt flange. On the opposite side is the oil feed. The coolant doesnt matter which one you use as long as the coolant flows through. I put my coolant feed and return into fittings in the coolant housings.
2009-07-05 06:30:51
Ahhhh alright, thanks
2009-07-05 13:40:48
If you have a DET block, you have an oil feed provision on the right side of the block (the side that faces the radiator) and I don't think the GFD line is really designed for this. It could work I bet, but you'll have to get creative. There's not way you're going to want to use all 4 feet of it.

Unless you block off the oil feed provision on the right side of the engine and use the oil feed line as it was intended. The DE guys use it to bring oil from the left side of the engine. The feed line is hooked into where the stock oil pressure sensor goes. The sensor is relocated or replaced by a better unit and gauge, or taken out completely.

As I suspected, you didn't get an oil drain from the GFD, so you're going to have to do something about that. You might have the stock one you can re-use.

As for the water lines. Like TheRealNighthog said, for the water it doesn't matter which way it flows. You have a DET block so you'll have water provisions for the turbo as well you can reuse, or block them off and do what most DE guys do and source water from the throttle body coolant channel.
2009-07-05 14:32:13
Ahhh alright, yeah I'm going to be using my old oil drain

Also replacing the old oil sending unit with a new one.
2009-07-05 19:43:46
just so you don't forget you have a rubber grommet in the oil feed location on the front of the block. i didn't want random **** getting in that before it was sold. so take that out plug it or use it to feed your turbo. as for the drain your turbo should have a hose barb end on it you can use rubber hose to go to the drain thats already in the bottom of the block. i also think i showed you where the water feed lines are on the side of the engine.
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