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Thread: brian crower cams any good

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2009-07-04 14:22:49
It really depends on what you are looking for. My BC 2's just dropped in fine and I have a pretty steady idle and these cams are very streetable. Yes for another $150 on s&r's maybe I could have made 10 more hp with BC 3's but no big deal I'll just up the boost a few psi.
2009-07-04 16:53:08
I agree...from what Iv been told the stage 3s are really street friendly and u have to get the spring retainer kit. sneaky, what do I need for the install?
2009-07-05 22:41:35
Originally Posted by mike4387
K, Im running a gtir engine and mani so Im not sure about clearance, are you running external wastegate? I called Brain Crower and they almost insisted running a spring retainer kit with the stage 2 cams, do u think I need one?

There is a reason for this. If you want stage 2's get a spring and retainer kit. If you dont want to install s&r's get the s4's

down here almost everyone that runs bc2's gets s&r's and cam gears. Also the bc2's are normally run with a 2871r-3076 as this is the power band that suits them. you can spend stupid amounts of $$$ on the best of the best gear and unless you build is holistic then its money wasted and the car wont drive that good.

here is what cams i like with set up's:

t28, t25etc tomei pon cams these cams have huge down low, however i would run s&r's with these cams.
hks stage 1's 256 or 256in 264 ex (no s&r)
jwt s4 and below (no s&r)

my first choice is the pons with gears s&r's

hks stage 1's 264 if you dont want to do springs
jwt s4 if you dont want to do springs (i choose these over the hks)
bc s2's with springs and retainers
hks stage 2's with s&rs

i would choose the bc2's with s&r and cam gears, however for a drop in cam you cant go past the s4's

s15 engine or anything with vtc

greedy ezycam hands down! basically from t28-gt3076 unless you want to get rid of the vtc i would always run this cam.

when you go bigger than a gt3076 you start looking into tomei procams, jwt s5, c2, c3, bc3's hks 3's etc.

Originally Posted by mike4387
I agree...from what Iv been told the stage 3s are really street friendly and u have to get the spring retainer kit. sneaky, what do I need for the install?

first of all i am under the impression that you are running a 2871r, if so bc2's are the better choice, they have a lot of midrange. And second of all get springs and retainers for bc2's
2009-07-06 04:36:43
I like the way you broke in down bluebird that gives me a better idea of what options I have thanks. although I don't think S4s will work on my car I don't even think they make S4s for the gtir only the S3s I could be wrong but me and insane imports had this discussion and we couldn't find em, Im gonna call JWT and see what they say. I like the hks stage 1 option but I guess for the money I could either go with the S3s or the BC stage 2 with the s&r and they would be about the same price either way. They would both be around 600.
2010-08-16 12:45:03
2010-08-16 12:52:57
2010-08-16 23:13:39
Originally Posted by mike4387
so just drop in the stage 2s like sneaky did and I should be good to go without the spring retainer kit?

you will be ok if keepin the rpm below or close to 7500, i have been using stage2's on my motor with stock spring's for the moment, they are recommended cause they have 12mm of lift
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