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Thread: safc 2 100% throttle problem

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2009-06-29 23:12:22
safc 2 100% throttle problem
I just got done putting in my safc 2 and its read 100% throttle without me putting the foot on the gas..it just stays at that number no matter what anyone know how to fix it? Am I missing something?
2009-06-29 23:29:25
try to reset it by disconnecting it from the ecu ( the ig power ) and recconncet again. and also your wiring, recheck it. dosent hurt to be sure .
2009-06-29 23:45:01
You need to change the tps sensor setting in the sensor type menu.

Do you have a manual?
2009-06-29 23:45:56
2009-06-29 23:47:46
Set the Throttle sensor settings as it says in the manual ( I don't recall which type it is ) and then do a calibration for it on the SAFC. If that fails, re check your wiring.
2009-06-29 23:50:14
The arrow needs to point up.
2009-06-30 01:07:55
Arrow points up, but for some reason everytime I shut my car off it resets the cyclinders to 6 instead of 4, also I have an apexi rsm plugged in to my ECU as well, I just put the power, black ground, and rpm, wires together then wired them into the same place on my ECU, would that make a difference?
2009-06-30 01:08:33
And no i don't have a manuel, and I can't view the one you posted
2009-06-30 01:38:16
wait, you only wired power, gnd, and RPM?

You know there is a throttle one too right?
2009-06-30 01:43:27
lol u misunderstood me...I wired the ground, power, and rpms on my apexi rsm and my apexi safc2 together..then I wired them to my ECU...
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