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Thread: what BOV are you running?

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2009-06-26 19:25:49
what BOV are you running?
what BOV are you running? how do you like it? how do you have it set up(re-circ, atmospheric, etc)? just curious cause finally got a hold a an avenir motor.

2009-06-26 19:28:33
stock.... re circ.... sounds great to me. i really dont know the advantages of anything after market....
2009-06-26 19:29:30
Congrats on the Avenir .

I'm running a stock W10/W11 BOV, it gets the job done, but good luck finding a flange for it prewelded on the pipe. Though the stock W10/W11 BOV has similar flange to the DSM First Gen.

A little ago I bought a Greddy type BOV from SiliconIntakes.com, haven't installed yet but will soon. I need to tighten the spring for now, otherwise it might leak.
2009-06-26 19:32:35
Greddy Type R on the S14 and a Tail 50mm on the other car.
2009-06-26 19:37:50
Stock 1G DSM BOV on mine. Vented to atmosphere right now until I get it recirculated.
It was my 1st choice because it is the best performance per dollar, and I didn't need anything with a higher flow. It will hold 18 psi unmodified, and can hold unlimited boost modified.

Also have extensive experience with the 50mm Tial BOV. I love these, but would likely get the recirculation version for personal use.
Again, extensive experience with the typical Bosche diverter valve. If you don't need to flow a lot of air and are recirculating, it's hard to beat this thing.
2009-06-26 19:41:10
50 mm Tial on the new build
2009-06-26 19:49:27
1g dsm BOV no point of getting anything else greddy sucks as well as hks's
2009-06-26 19:58:06
I have a Blittz BOV old skool trumpet . I had a old Bosh unit i gave to Serban , it slightly bigger than the stock avenir one and can hold more boost. They came stock on the mitsubishi EVO
2009-06-26 20:19:19
tial 50mm on my car, had a turboXS rfl it was a good bov never had any problems with it leaking at idle or anything uncirc
2009-06-26 20:19:36
Synapse Engineering Synchronic BOV. BAD mamma jamma.

Going to ditch my 44mm TiAL wastegate in favor of a Synapse unit, too. (Their wastegate has a boost controller built into the tophat.) Another reason to consider: They pulled a 50mm TiAL wastegate off of a test car, slapped on their Synapse unit, and at LESS boost, made +20whp at redline. Dyno sheets comparing multiple variables all showed consistant increases in power with less boost.

Sorry /offtopic.
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