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Thread: where to put maf

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2009-06-25 05:42:55
where to put maf
I seen a couple guys running a maf in between the intercooler and intake instead of before the turbo....has anyone done this to there car..I heard you get faster throttle response...that true?
2009-06-25 06:35:45
this is more to it than just the location of the MAF. you have to worry about cranks case ventilation and if or where it is recirculated. tuning is not exactly the same either.
2009-06-25 06:57:43
K , I was just wondering if it would actually be worth it 2 give it a shot, im gonna be upgrading to a maf to a z32 anyway soon.
2009-06-25 12:29:52
There are two ways to go about the MAF, Draw Through or Blow Through.

If you're running Draw Through, that's before the turbo. If this is the case, you want to run the MAF at least 18" from the turbo, since turbo causes a turbulence in the maf.

If you're running Blow Through, you want to put the MAF after the blow off valve. It's probably not a good idea to put it on the hot side because of the heat. If you running it like this, try to get the MAF to be at least 12" from the throttle plate.
2009-06-25 12:58:01
I put my MAF in the trash.
2009-06-25 15:39:01
U must be running a map ben. Is there a lot of difference in response and throttle puting it before the intake?
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