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2009-06-23 04:37:36
I am thinking of disasembling my setup this winter and coating the manifold and downpipe , to reduce under hood heat and for the cosmetic effect .....anybody have any opinions and exp. with them, I here all this stuff about them flaking ....how true is it
2009-06-23 05:37:12
It won't flake if it is done well. But the temperature cut isn't that great imho. Now if you have it thermal coated by HPC with their extreme coating it will easily cut heat in half. I would do the manifold, exhaust housing, and downpipe. It is not cheap. Very expensive actually.

But, once after going for a high-boost spin in my friend's celica all-trac, he demonstrated the heat barrier capabilities by wiping his barely wet finger across the manifold runner when we got back to the shop. It was remarkable to see him pull his finger away without a burn.

A good ceramic coating will last a long time, and look great. If it is done poorly, expect it to last like spray paint.
2009-06-23 05:42:19
I love the look of the extreme sterling from JET-HOT
JET-HOT Coatings Header Coatings Page

it is supposed to help heat ....now what does Pro-tech use ??? do they coat there own manifolds , or outsource it ??? do they coat for people ???
2009-06-23 10:41:01
Bruce sends his manifolds out to be coated. He has been using them for years. I have never seen a pro-tech manifold flake up.
2009-06-23 11:08:52
If I were going to do this I'd get it coated by Swain Tech. TBC-EX coating.
Swain Tech coatings
It's not cheap though. It should get the job done as far as lowering under hood temps significantly (compare coating thickness between Swain and others) and last quite a long time.
2009-06-25 02:27:17
i had my manifold, turbine housing & downpipe done by a local place that was the guy swore was the same as swain tech. the crap starting bubbling & rusting about a year later.

I now rattle can with bbq paint and heat wrap. I pulled the heat wrap off after a year and there was no rust and the paint looked like new.

just food for thought. either pay out the azz for swain tech, HPC, etc. or do it the ghetto way. there is no in between.
2009-06-25 18:41:53
nCoat, Inc. Innovating the Next Generation of Coating Technologies

That is a new company doing coatings, great stuff.

Also, I LOVE the Extreme coating from HP Coatings. The stuff is amazing, [url]www.hpcoatings.com[/url]
2009-06-26 00:14:02
We use jet-hot and HPC all the time, works great! For daily driven turbo applications, i would recommend something that can handle 1600-1700deg F. The standard 1300 deg coatings will not last as long. For road race/drift cars, i really recommend the 2000+ deg coatings. You could also polish the manifold/turbine housing then coat them...turns out really nice
2009-06-26 01:54:44
I Nam thinking of tearing apart and this winter and sending all out o be jet coated .....I will have to see though ....probaly straight to JET-HOT though no body else , I just want good work , crap.....I dont care if it takes longer , car is not going anywhere this winter anyway.....so I if I do it I want it right
2009-06-27 16:27:27
On my SER I used Jethot, also gonna use them again on the Subaru. Never no issues with it and cut the underhood temp alot.
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