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Thread: Max Boost w/ Z32 Blow Through?

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2009-06-08 12:49:14
Max Boost w/ Z32 Blow Through?
just wondering if i should switch to draw through now that i'm changing all my intercooler pipes....

i was running 22psi and had a problem w/the MAF leaking. i took the cover off and sealed it, but don't know if i should just switch to draw through now or leave it blow through.

i would rather keep a blow through setup, but don't know if it's going to keep leaking. i plan on running 25psi this summer. any help is appreciated.

2009-06-08 13:41:40
ive ran 28psi on a z32 maf blowthrough with no problems, it wasnt even resealed yet either. this on a t3t04 60 trim.
2009-06-08 13:53:25
I resealed mine with permatex grey stuff for imports and it held 25+ psi. it blew a small hole when it was at 45+ so if you used that I think you should be good. or another sealant like that i think you'd be safe.
2009-06-08 14:14:08
on one of my old z32 mafs from my previous setup i used jbweld around the outside edge and it worked great, never had a leak after that ever. haha get a good coat or two around the outside edge of the cover sealing it up and you wont have problems trust me
2009-06-08 14:44:22
My MAF cover blew off at 11psi. Resealed it with some epoxy and duct tape at the convention, and it held for the drive back to NJ.

YMMV, depending on the condition of the MAF.
2009-06-08 14:52:42
Blow Through z32 maf housings - SR20 Forum
2009-06-08 15:58:50
thanks for the reassurance guys. i'll have pics of my setup posted up within the next couple weeks.
2009-06-09 00:07:28
26psi so far and zero issues. But I don't think the maf can handle it for long hahaha.
2009-06-09 13:50:48
do you guys still have the screens in your Z32 mafs? i still have both of mine. i don't think it's much of a restriction and feels like an extra filter before the throttle body

i just hope it doesn't suck the screens in.... maybe i should stop worryin so much....
2009-06-09 14:11:21
i usually take mine out, ive ran with the screen in and the screen out and i havent noticed any difference in the way it runs. You would be better off taking them out just in case it comes off. Why risk it. As long as you run a filter you shouldnt have to worry about stuff going inside your piping or your motor.
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