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Thread: opinions on high hp gtir/de/det

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2009-06-08 03:20:40
opinions on high hp gtir/de/det
ok. kinda under the influence right now, but i figured id adress a question ive been mulling over. ive been putting together i nice turbo setup/b13 for about a year now, and its all inally falling in place. im going for about 450 hp....plans were just a de, and boost it tillit failed.....as i have about 6 of these motors in my garage. BUT a clean, DIRT cheap gtir front clip has come my way, and i wanted to see what peoples opinions were on just using the gtir loingblock with my setup. Its a protec log setup, with a 60 trim turbonetics, 750 cc injectors, 300 zx maf, ect......i was figuring id just blow motors up, but whatever if it became a common occurtance id build a motor, or bought a built one......but now maybe using the gtir motor to make 400-450 hp would be a better route......any pros/cons to a gtir vs a de? considering you had them both for the same price/free, what do you think? just wanted to see opinions.
2009-06-08 03:41:34
parts availability and cost are really the only deterrents to the GTiR. Should do 450whp no problem.
2009-06-08 04:39:22
any benefit over the block? justy wondering if i should stick with my de plan.....or should i just go with the gtir? ill have no money in the block, ive sold all the stock turbo stuff, so the clip/block was free. eh, just talking....
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