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Thread: looking for garrett gt2871R .86exhaust 56 trim

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2009-06-06 16:41:49
true I just always worry about places trying to sell knock offs.. Its a lot of money to throw at something and it tear up on you quickly..u know..? Well I may have to get up with your shop then you have a phone number for them and the name of the shop?
2009-06-06 16:50:56
what do you think about me running a reflashed ECU with everything the ECU is programmed for but just running my stock gtir GT28 turbo...I wanna make sure the ECU working before I take the turbo off, Or option 2 I run everything stock and change the turbo from factory GTir Gt28 to gt2871R? think I can go either way in case the ECU doesn't work?
2009-06-07 05:18:46
I guess what Im asking is can I run my stock setting and just change my stock T28 to a GT2871R? Is there a way to test the ECU before I go changing the injectors and maf, I was thinking if the reflashed ECU failed after I installed all the new parts I could just leave the turbo and change everything else to stock will that work?
2009-06-07 05:26:21
you might have to bump up the fuel pressure.
you should either get it retuned or put it on a dyno and see where the af's are.
2009-06-07 05:30:07
you don't think I can run stock settings and just change the turbo out 2 the 2871R? I just got the ECU in today so Im hoping its good, but I was just thinking in a worst case scenario if i got completly done with the car and it didn't work I could just take the injectors maf and ECU out and leave the turbo
2009-06-07 05:40:30
Im sure the air/fuel's will be fine up to a certain point, but over that, (since the 2871 can do so much more) im sure you might be lean.

Dyno time!
2009-06-07 05:57:29
Lol closest dyno is about 2 hours away from me....but yeah your right its gonna need it...
What do you think if i just plugged up the new reflashed ECU, 700cc injectors, and Z32 maf, and left the stock T28, think I could drive it around on that? low boost of course...
2009-06-07 16:13:45
if you have a ECU programmed for 700cc injectors and z32 maf, I dont see why you couldnt ride around on the 2871 on low boost, and just not turn it up over (10 sounds safe) until you take it to get it checked.
2009-06-08 05:20:19
Well I bought the ECU from a guy named jason at Emance. After I did that I found a thread that pretty much bashed him saying he was a fake. Now im unsure if the ECU is good, but he had like 2000 feedback and only 6 bad in the last 6 months, he answered every question I had and was very helpful but now im unsure. the ECU I got looks just like mine so i dunno is there a way to test it? what do you think about about the emance?
2009-06-08 12:47:58
Never used it, but ive heard bad. I know a guy with a 240 that had it, and was having all kinds of issues. And most of the issues were from the ECU
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