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Thread: so i got my car retuned for the 3rd time

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2009-05-31 16:18:50
so i got my car retuned for the 3rd time
so i made the plungew for the 3rd time and had my car retuned, the first time i had my car tuned it was more so to get the aem enms up and running gewtting it to idle,air fuels in order/ driveability, anyone who knowsd aem ems whos the setting up of the ems is basicly building a full map from ground up so the first tune wasnt so much for power but for a platform to build on. thasty tune made 207whp and 205wtq @ 7lbs, VERY rough tune wasnt tapping into its potential at all

the 2nd tune my distributor went out and i took it to my shop and had them look at it and they fixed it and said the tune really needed to be cleaned up and wanted to get the air fuels in better roder for more power and more boost at the same 7lbs with a cleaner tune the car made 224whp / 220wtq with the same tune they rerouted my vacyuum lines from the wastegate to the turbo and put it from the weastegate to the manifold and got a extra 3lbs of boost the car made on 10lbs 245whp / 235wtq they slightly cleaned up the top end

for the 3rd tiume i really wanted to go for the gusto altho the turbo is capable of much more psi i wanted a conservative 18lbs of boost and a much more aggressive yet conservative air fuel map.

needless to say the tuning didnt go as smoothe as i had wished, about a week before the tune my ps/wp belt shredded i replaced that, my koyo r radiator leaned to close to the turbo and it melted a bar, i had to replace the koyo for stock.

on the dyno my car was basicly blowing off every intercooler pipe possible on EVERY run since the piping wasnt bead rolled, we were finally able to get the map and fuels straight at a conservative mid range 11's to keep it safe.

the best numbers run we were able to get without blowing off a pipe we had to turn ther boost down to 13lbs and the car made 300whp / 290wtq that was BEFORE we had the final air fuels set to mid 11s those numbers were at 11:1 straight up. the tuner said on 13lbs at mid 11's there would probably be a 30whp gain from there.

but as it sits now the car is at 18lbs mid 11's air fuels and its a straight up beast tuner said the car should be around 400whp give or take which isnt bad for a gt2871r .86 ar it really sucks we werent able to get a soloid 18lb run, just couldnt keep the pipes on to get the 18lbs
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