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Thread: Just got back from the strip!!!! 11.3@127mph

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2009-06-01 18:31:08
Oh and just put it this way here is the readout of one of my slips where i did a 2nd gear launch before the clutch started slipping top of 4th and all 5th. This is where i bogged like crazy and just lazied it in 2nd gear vs that WRX

60ft: 2.444
330ft: 6.635
1/8: 9.350 @ a whopping 92.29mph
1000ft: 11.44@113mph
1/4: 13.29@125.35mph

Now tell me thats not moving from the 1/8th mile to the 1/4 mile, hahaha 33+ mph gain from the 1/8th to 1/4 mile. It definetly picked up in 4th and 5th gear. haha
2009-06-01 19:42:22
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
yeah thats what i figured i should have been in the 130-135mph range but yeah i think my 1/8th mile mph could have been quite faster as well being before that is where i could not even get traction but its also my clutch wasnt slipping 1st-3rd gear anyways and even beginning of 4th which would explain that part. But the car definetly has some serious power and it moves with the light weight i just need some more traction and not glaze over my clutch with a nasty 2nd gear burnout, haha

Ill stick to just heating them up in 1st more than i did in the vids, i usually just do a really nice 1st gear burnout and its worked well cuz again my 60ft's are usually 1.70 on these same slicks. Definetly need the extra traction to actually move down the track like i know it can. Oh well there is always another day. Maybe sometime after summer when it cools down cuz it was still 85-90 deg out during all my runs, It was quite a hot day that day.

Definetly by the fall season i should have the cage, 5 point harness and seat in and be back for some more action, not to mention a nice new tranny as well and again stock se-r tranny has held up quite well i will say. 1st and 2nd gear were already messed up from another incedient that had nothing to do with power. haha

hmmm, i usually do a second gear burnout and i have 24.5/9/13. i make sure my front tires are sitting in the water. i have a jgy/competition 4 puck unsprung clutch. i used to start my burnout in first gear and then shift into second, but now i just start in second.

and just curious, how much does your car weigh?
2009-06-01 19:49:57
Congrats on your run.
2009-06-01 21:15:09
car weighs in at 2080 lbs without me in it. I can easily get it down to 2k even once i do the rest of the stuff like cf hood, 14lb battery and some other little things like lexan quarters and rear window but i dont know if i am gonna do that yet. I know the cf hood and battery though as those are easy.
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