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Thread: odd rich idle issues

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2009-05-29 03:09:11
odd rich idle issues
ok recently i had my car retuned, and the idle was fine it wasnt touched during the tune since the last tune. the idle was purposely tuned slightly rich for the large cams but it was a smoothe like high 11 low 12 idle.

lately i have been getting some weird symptoms, the car is running a tad more rich than before, it slightly smokes the fuel and fouls out my spark plugs. nothing has changed

i slightly leaned out the fuel pressure with the afpr however that didnt change it idling the way it does, but nothing in the calibration has changed as far as air fuel in the maps.

the car runs and drive perfectly other than the weird idle thing.

the only thing i can think of is that as of the moment, the car isnt running fans and maybe it is running hotter than normal or hotter than when it was tuned and that maybne when it gets hotter than notmal the cts reads that and adds in more fuel tyo compinsate for the hotter engine temps? now donmt get me wrong im not letting it overheat i have the koyo r radiator so it takes a bit to get ot the point of where it gets hotter and the needle moves. that was just my thought though

i regapped the plugs from 0.36 where it was running just fine, down to 0.25 to see if that helped any, however it didnt
anyone else have wierd issues like this
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