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Thread: Dynoed Today!

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2009-05-28 23:24:00
Dynoed Today!
Well I hit the dyno today and made 230whp and 255tq.
I still have the stock MAF and that is where it maxed out. I was running the wastegate disconnect and the boost was spiking 18lbs and falling slowly to 10lbs by redline. Here are the video's
2009-05-28 23:28:14
sweet where did u dyno??? t25???
2009-05-28 23:42:53
did you disconect the wg just for the dyno test? why does the psi goes down?
2009-05-28 23:44:48
t25 just do not like to hold boost till redline. The turbo just does not have enough capacity.
2009-05-28 23:45:43
you may have maxxed out the maf as far as poundage goes, but you can get a lot more power out of the stock maf.
2009-05-28 23:59:01
It was at a place over on University dr. and SR84. Yea the little t-25 just cant hold that much boost till redline. It held 18psi to about 5k rpm. Even for 230hp this thing moves so fast. I was reading the MAF voltage with the e-manage and it was just about as much as it could handle. I see a new turbo and MAF in my future sometime. some cams for sure also I bet they would help.
2009-05-29 01:21:20
sounds strong! good job man
2009-05-29 14:16:31
Thanks guys it does run strong. There is an srt-4 guy on youtube that doesnt believe in power to weight ratio's and feels his 255whp srt with a .09 pwr to weight would be faster than my .115 pwr to weight sentra. He can't believe that a little "sentra" could do that lol. I love having a sleeper I think im going to try and win and srt-4.
2009-05-29 14:33:32
If you have.

SR20DET @ 15 PSI
S4 cams
JWT or Calum ECU
Air Filter
Front mount intercooler.
3 inch DP
3 inch exhaust

You will make 250-260 WHP with 260-270 LB Ft Torque @ 15 PSI. Peak WHP will be at about 6200-6400 RPMs. Should run 12.8-13.2 at 108 MPH

When racing the setup that you have now dont shift anything later than 6800 RPMs. If you do the car will just go slower.
2009-05-29 16:25:38
Nice numbers. I just dynoed MY T25 and made 216whp @ 12psi. Funny how seeing the dyno sheet you can verify what andreas is saying. No need to run a t25 car past 7k.
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