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Thread: dyno results!

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2009-05-19 21:34:16
dyno results!
I drove to "the shop" in ct and baselined at 240hp and 200tq. After tuning my safc neo, jimmy was able to pull 264 and 247tq.
2009-05-19 21:38:18
Ran out of injector?
2009-05-19 21:40:41
Hope your running 4 bar pressure on those injectors. What MAF are you using and what boost?
2009-05-19 21:59:32
370s @ 3bar, 12-13psi and STOCK MAF.

I posted my sheets and afr on the dyno post thread
2009-05-19 22:23:08
good numbers but yeah its at the limit of the injectors.
2009-05-19 22:47:25
you need a new maf lol there only good for 250 same as the injectors at 4 bar.
2009-05-19 23:56:02
The 370cc should be good to 300whp on 4 bar. I ran 290whp in my old sent with solid afrs with stock injectors. But that was at 18psi of boost, which inherently means more fuel pressure as well.
2009-05-20 00:06:41
my goal was to safely get the most off the 370s and stockmaf. I realize i cant do anymore w/o maf and fuel pressure increase. The car has other needs and for now im happy with these numbers. At least its tuned and safe!
2009-05-20 00:07:55
Yup I ran my 370's up to 90% duty cycle at 4 bar at 18psi like coheed. Never do that just buy new injectors and a maf when you max them out. My 50lb msd's are much better
2009-05-20 19:05:21
very good numbers for 12-13psi
i´m confused are you using a jwt ecu and the safc neo for the tune??
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