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Thread: So got to do some drag racin' last night

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2009-05-16 21:14:34
i will always have a place in my heart for the grey classic se-r's and i absolutely love the sleeper look
2009-05-17 14:46:50
Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm gonna be honest though, I like the little hint that the blue couplers give. You can't really see the IC itself, and really...unless you're looking for them, AND know what they are, the couplers aren't that noticeable.

But yeah, I was happy with the time. Getting a better launch I could probably get that 60' time down in the sub 2's...maybe. Anyhow...thanks again for the comments. What I need to do, is get some road magnets and some B14 wheels...(bronze...) and then the look will be complete. I was considering even getting some Blue Bird badges.
2009-05-18 13:04:53
Well, I didn't break anything at the track...but driving down to my friend's house on Saturday I did. I was in 4th gear (didn't have 5th) crusing, as I've done so many times...accellerated up a hill on 70, and I hear this awful crunch, metal grinding noise...and 4th gear just revs. Luckily I put it in third, and that still worked *phew, my whole tranny isn't smoked...yet* and I pulled off the exit that, luckily enough, I was very close to. Called my friend Rob, who's an SR20 guru, and a few other helping hands, went and picked up the spare tranny I already had, and set off, on back roads...50MPH max, for Rob's parents' house (where we do all of our auto repair ). Got there, put the car on jack stands, old trans out...new trans in...and only 3 hours (of actual working time...with an hour break to pick up another friend) later, I was back on the road and I have 5th gear now.

And man oh man, you guys should have seen the gear oil that came out of this thing...it looked like grey water. Grey water, with a bunch of tiny metal shavings in it lol.
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