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Thread: T28 question

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2009-05-13 21:06:19
T28 question
hi i just got a nx2k with a gtir motor in it.. here is my p roblem. It is blowing alot of smoke and loseing alot of oil.. it was only after u rev it it would puff and some would come out the BOV. now it is tons like dripping out the exhuast and its all over the tranny from the bov dose that sound like the turbo seals are done?? and is it hard to rebuild it?? oh and also what color are the stock injectors ?? mine are yellow top feeds??

thanks tons

2009-05-13 22:40:06
I believe you have the stock 444cc injectors. And it could be a possibility that the seals are done. Does it boost at all? Have you done a compression test to see if maybe your rings are fried?
2009-05-14 02:16:24
no i couldnt get it home to do any thing to it.. It did boost but i dont know the psi no boost guage. To me with all the oil coming out of the bov the seals have to be bad their is no other way for oil to get into the intake side. what is the norm psi for a comp test 175 accrost the board..
2009-05-14 04:39:41
gti-r is lower. don't really matter as much as long as all the numbers are even no more then like 20 psi off from each other
2009-05-14 08:55:05
i think your turbo is dead, i believe they can be rebuilt or upgrade to an S15 or another turbo while you got it pulled apart would be a better choice?

Yellow are stock injectors, they are common for leaking though and dribbling excess fuel into the engine.
2009-05-14 10:40:20
the yellow injectors are the 444cc injectors, your best bet is to get a new T28 turbo because it appears that your current one is blown or just about there. A T28 rebuild is about $300 to $450 I think. You could try to find a used one, or buy a brand new one (GTI-R T28 ~$750) (S15 T28 ~$800)...there is a used T28 for sale on this forum.
2009-05-14 17:35:21
oil in the exhaust is due to blown turbo seals. Also check the ic piping to see if there is oil there. I also would do a comp check as mentioned. A normal det is around 150-158psi and a gtir will be a litter lower due to compression. You just don't want to see a hugh difference between cylinders. if your turbo is done I would look for a nice used gt28rs.
2009-05-15 02:02:15
ok i dont want to sound dumb but is their alot mods that need to be done to do a gt28rs ?? i was going to rebuild it my self...
2009-05-15 07:42:28
gt28rs is ball bearing so it is easier to buy a complete new turbo and bolt that on.
2009-05-15 12:33:11
Originally Posted by LikeTheMovies
gti-r is lower. don't really matter as much as long as all the numbers are even no more then like 20 psi off from each other

It's actually 10% variation from the highest cylinder, to the lowest compression cylinder.

And it really does matter. A stock DE should net ~175ish across the board, and mine netted ~135ish across the board. That's below Nissans' specs in the FSM. With a T25 at 10lbs of boost, that motor only made 170whp, with cams, 3" exhaust, etc.
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