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Thread: upgrading turbo-need help

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2009-05-25 00:00:33
go with copper 1 heat range colder. and if you dont have a tune thats for 4 bar, turn it back down...
2009-05-25 00:01:54
Originally Posted by unijabnx2000
what are you using for your tune?

jwt ecu, programed for z32 maf, subie 520cc injectors, 4bar and 1k rev. i have everything to match it.
2009-05-25 03:29:14
I would double check the program and your MAF wiring.

I had the same issue and it turned out to be the wrong MAF on my program. Put the motor into limp mode.
2009-05-25 19:18:29
ya i got the setup from a guy that had it running in his car. and the car was reving and idleing fine while up on jackstands untill i took it out on a drive. now it wont even start
2009-05-25 21:40:25
so i got some bkr7e's and when i was putting them on i noticed when my little cousin installed the new valve cover he didnt sit the gasket on right so i had a huge vacuum leak. so i fixed it and the car idles fine and reves fine but it wont go into boost.. it drives fine on vacum but once it goes on a load into boost it knocks and starts backfiring and wants to shut off..
2009-05-26 03:59:34
like running rich or blowing out spark missing?
2009-05-26 18:01:14
idk if its rich, but once it goes into boost itll backfire real back and not continue to drive..
2009-05-26 18:04:00
whats your spark gap?
2009-05-26 18:23:39
2009-05-26 18:27:07
make sure the ecu plug is fully seated then check all of the engine ground points. also make sure the injectoe o-rings are seated and not leaking.
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