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Thread: upgrading turbo-need help

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2009-05-06 20:41:49
Does this not fit the bill?

2009-05-06 20:57:34
dang those are nice
2009-05-06 23:27:25
Originally Posted by kaotekxe
i like the way the greddy sp looks and sounds and cant find one in 3in

I would suggest the stromung 3" muffler. It sounds great in turbo application.
2009-05-22 23:35:30
the car wont rev past 3k. i think i have the maf connected wrong.. does anyone have a z32 on their car to send me a pic of the connection?
2009-05-22 23:43:57

2009-05-24 00:22:33
so i found out i had a bad ground on the maf and got the car to rev and idle right. so i decided to take it out on the road and right when i hit boost the car shut off and now it wont turn on.. when i crank it it seems to start and backfires out the intake.. any ideas? it wont stay on at all. i first thought i blew a intercooler coupler but they are all on. for some reason i dont think there is spark now.. this new turbo is just problem after problem
2009-05-24 00:45:28
Pressure test first. check plugs, maf check with voltmeter and also correct hookup. if using calum or jwt ecu confirm the correct program is on it.

The basics
2009-05-24 22:24:16
the thing is that the car was running yesturday when i took it to the exhaust shop. it just wouldnt rev past 3k due to a bad maf ground. so when i fixed that problem and took it out on a drive it shut off and wont start now.. the car was running on some iridium ngk plugs that came with the motor from japan. i bought the same ones and put those on.. should i try running some other ones? fuel pressure gauge reads correct, but when i crank i can smell fuel.. thats why i dont think there is spark.
2009-05-24 23:51:53
what are you using for your tune?
2009-05-24 23:58:16

they were still wet with fuel and are black as hell.
the plugs are ngk iridium bkr5eix-11 and ran fine with my old setup.. i really dont think im getting a spark.
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