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Thread: Nissan Primera Dyno now sr16-cams...

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2010-03-30 17:13:07
Wow so you gained 70whp w N1 cams and intake mani? And that's now 580 + 70 = 650? Damn!
2010-03-30 17:22:57
650whp at 1bar? wow
2010-03-30 17:27:57
I think the 580 was at 18psi but still damn.
2010-03-30 18:29:10
568 at 1 bar almost stock head.. now fullybuilt head plus 2.2 motor I really hope to see near 600whp at 1 bar...and call it a day, actually is not funny to drive a car at this power level. 7lbs for street now.

2010-03-30 18:31:27
did you run the cams straight up or did you have cam gears. I am still on the fence about which cams to drop in my motor. I have both N1's and stock sr20ve cams. I will be running a gt3071r with a custom equal length manifold. Those are some big numbers at 15psi
2010-03-31 01:33:15
Dang. Well maybe when you are done testing you can ship some N1 to me for a back-to-back comparison.

That would be sweet to see results on my much smaller turbo.
2010-03-31 04:23:29
wow thats great numbers in less than a year hope i can get 430 with my head swap
2010-03-31 06:30:40
JP is that an off the shelf s362?I've been researching on those turbos for about an hour or 2 or 3 now and I'm kind off impressed on how that turbo is performing on your engine.Being alittle bigger than a 35R and your running a 1.06 EH,it makes full boost about 500rpm's earlier than alot of sr20's with a 35R and a smaller exhaust housing.It makes full boost 800rpm's-900rpm's earlier than a K20 I was just looking at with the same turbo.It spools like a 30R with .82 EH but makes more power than a 35R and 37R at the same boost.When my 35R gives up on me.I think Im going to try one of those turbos out.Probably some thing alittle bigger.

Here is the k2o dyno I just mentioned with the same turbo at 15 psi.Check post number 63.

SoDamnCrispy's PeakBoost BorgWarner S362 Build - Page 3 - Club RSX Message Board
2010-10-03 09:52:38
great thread.

do you think it is possile to achieve 600hp on sr20ve-t 9 cr at 1bar boost?
(gti-r bottom. sr20ve head)
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