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Thread: For my next build?

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2009-04-27 03:55:11
For my next build?
Just wanted to get some opinions. Money won't really be a worry for me this summer, so it doesnt matter (as long as they're not ridiculous tens of thousands) but, just wanted to get your opinions on pistons/rings/valves/springs/turbo etc

I think im going to just buy a stock SR20DET and then before I put it in the car, rip it all apart and put all my new stuff into it to make it easier. I know I want a T28, but for pistons/rings/valves/springs and all that I'm not really sure what I want.

Also, does anyone have any idea on where you can get all the interior parts for a 92 sentra ser? Is there any where you can get the dashboard, oh **** handles, headliner, arm rest etc. without going to the junkyard?
2009-04-27 04:06:47
Okay, get a disco for your T28. Or a 2871r if you can handle later spool.

Junk yard is what you are stuck with for parts like that, but don't worry they won't be expensive. You can also find some in good shape still.

If you really wanna build this motor, just a basic eagle/Youpick setup from ebay should suffice. Head work should just consist of basics though imo. Maybe some stiffer valve springs and some good cams. S4s are amazing.

OR you could skip the headwork and go VE like so many others have done. Then you won't really have to worry about headwork, but that turbo may be too small for that.

I say keep it simple, and spend your money in the right places and you will be really happy with your results. Disco potato still gets my vote though. Amazing turbo.
2009-04-27 04:23:34
I'm thinking...

740cc Injectors
S4 Cams
Some really strong motor mounts
Probably Nismo FPR
Just to be on the safe side, some new pistons (not sure what kind) + rings
I have a buddy that port/polishes heads, so I can get that done for $50 + supplies

I want to be able to run between 14-16lbs safely without worrying about the pistons
2009-04-27 04:40:26
for a t28 of any sort you dont have to upgrade block internals
2009-04-27 05:36:15
Dont think so? Will it be fine with stock pistons/rings? And what should I get for a manifold? Tubular or just a GTiR manifold?
2009-04-27 06:41:02
Also, does anyone make turbo backs for a 92 sentra? or do I have to have one custom made at a local exhaust shop?
2009-04-27 12:22:13
Originally Posted by 92BoostedSER
Dont think so? Will it be fine with stock pistons/rings? And what should I get for a manifold? Tubular or just a GTiR manifold?

Should be fine, but you should always crack the motor open and check everything over. A complete disassembly/reassembly is warranted when you have no idea what the previous owner did with the car.

As far as manifolds, you can do very well with a ported GTI-R manifold. They're cheap enough, and porting it is also very reasonable. You'll make more power with a ported GTI-R than with a log manifold, IIRC.

Originally Posted by 92BoostedSER
Also, does anyone make turbo backs for a 92 sentra? or do I have to have one custom made at a local exhaust shop?

VRS makes a 3" turbo back exhaust for you. Good pricing, very good quality, and readily available from GoFastDepot. You have options as far as resonators, too.
2009-04-27 16:52:49
sounds like like a tipical medocure build.

i rock the gt2871r and pewrsonally i think its a great turbo, i have the larger AR and seen 10lbs full spool at 3600rpm which i think is very reasonable.

as far as building the block there are many variables to take into consideration, not just the internal/structural abilities of the block, but being able to upgrade parts from the current standpoint to another ie: t28 turbo to gt35r if you wanted to.

also take into account that you might want to lower or raise the compression with aftermarket pistons. so thats another thing

as far as the NEED to rebuild, the factory sr20det blocks are really durable, its made to take more than factory power, but i wouldnt push it ALOT farther than 300whp safely tuned, altho i know there are other ppl out there who push out more power than that on stock block, but i always like to build the engine for piece of mind.

as for the manifold, its really application dependable, but i like the log manifolds it keeps spool in the lower rpms, very streetable. tubular manifolds will make better power, but like i said application specific, log manifold can support 400whp no problem
2009-04-27 17:05:48
^^ Welcome back?? You've been gone for awhile!
2009-04-27 17:23:47
Yeah, I just want to build something once to be honest. I dont want to build it and then 6 months down the road have to replace a bunch of things. I know it's virtually impossible to do, but atleast a very reliable 300whpish car. Haha, that sounds funny.
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