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Thread: think its a fuel injector problem need opinion

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2009-04-26 19:47:27
think its a fuel injector problem need opinion
my girlfriends sentra broke down recently so i have been forced to drive the race b13 as a daily, and i drove the car for over 500 miles and then all of a sudden the car starts to acr funny

the symptoms i am having are as follows:

car is having hard start issues
when started the car idles badly
when driving the car it feels like the car has a unplugged plug wire kinda like a miss
it stalls all the time have to give it gas consistantly to have it somewhat idle
seems to idle better when cold then runs worse when hot

things ive checked:
fuel pump is working
fuel pressure regulator is working
checked for spark and all 4 plugs are getting spark
checked the spark plugs and they looked somewhat fouled with excess carbon deposits, like fuel fouled but dry not wet?

i have KINDA narrowsed it down, the 1st cylinder closest to the distributor seems to make no difference when i pull up on the plug, all the rest do make a difference in the way the car idles except the 1st cylinder closest to the distributor.

so i checked the compression and i got 160psi across the board (i have low compression pistons in the block) so that seems good that its across the board

the thing i am thinknig it is, is a fuel injector problem, becuase with the car somehwat idling i pulled up on the fuel injector plug on the 1st cylinder closest to the distributor and it makes no difference at all in the way the car runs, it is seems almost obvious that, that particular fuel injector isnt firing. i pulled up on the last fuel injector plug and the car dies immeditly like the 1st one should i think.

anyone also think this could be a fuel injector problem? my multimeter died so i havent checked the ohmage yet however i have been manually inspecting things like fuel,spark air ect.

any imput apreciated thanks

ps: the fouled spark plugs could be from where i have a manifold gasket leak and replaced the manifold gasket, but since i am running aem with a closed loop it could have been keeping a consistant fuel input and thats where it could have fouled the plugs, but i replaced that so im not gonna say the car is running rich becuase of the fact that the close loop would have kept inputing a fuel input and not knowing there was a leak whatever lol

any input is needed thanks
2009-04-27 04:10:34
Do you have a fuel pressure gauge on the car. If so I would inspect the pressure to see if it drops immediately after you shut the car off. If it does, then maybe a bad oring?

I would def check the injector though when you get a multimeter handy. Def sounds like cyl number 4 isn't working though if it is failing a cylinder-drop test. Good luck.
2009-04-27 15:28:58
i got the problem knocked out, it ended up being that 4th cylinder fuel injector clip wire one of them came loose making it not fire. i got that back on and the car is driving like before..thank god lol
2009-04-27 15:31:21
Awesome! Good detective work.
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