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Thread: Stutter/Miss on higher than stock Boost.

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2009-04-25 07:42:17
Stutter/Miss on higher than stock Boost.
I have an Avenir DET, Stock with aftermarket BOV and IC set up.

I Brought a Gizzmo Boost controller.

The car runs flawless on stock boost, but when i increase it i get a miss/stutter. I can make it happen as low as 8.5PSI

I am not running out fuel as far as consult can tell me, I have ran it at about 12psi and still in the low 90's % duty.

Im running stock ECU and maf.

So far i have:

Changed the coil to a known working one.
Checked the Gap on my plugs - They are 0.76mm
I have examined my dizzy but TBH i have no clue on what to look for under the cap.

I am getting the car tuned soon but i don't think its a stock tune issue as i have friends with similar set ups running up to 15psi on stock ecu.

Does anyone have any ideas on what to check/replace to try fix this problem.
2009-04-25 08:50:23
i know your cap needs changing for sure, sorry i dont know whats causing your other issues
2009-04-25 19:21:16
Originally Posted by des_se-r
i know your cap needs changing for sure, sorry i dont know whats causing your other issues

Thanks. Will be getting a new cap today.
2009-04-25 20:36:22
ill also add:

When im on the high way doing about 100k (60m) set to about 12 psi. If i do a 5th gear pull no stutter. But if i drop to 3rd thats when it stutters so it seems its more of high RPM + Boost = stutter for me :s
2009-04-25 21:38:20
are you running too rich?
2009-04-25 21:48:10
It doesn't look like it. Readings on consult are fine, colour of the plugs are fine.
2009-04-25 21:50:24
what heat range are your plugs?
2009-04-25 22:22:44
'iriway 7' They are 1 level colder than stock. They are gapped at 0.76mm
2009-04-25 22:35:17
I had the same problem with my Avenir. Later found out the spark plug tip blew off and ended up blowing my 2nd cylinder piston. I don't know what to tell you. Maybe try some NGK7es11's or something, I used those and they work(ed) great

Pull the plugs, check the tips to see if theyre soaked in oil
Then do a compression check just to be on the safe side to make sure everything is good in the block
2009-04-25 22:38:50
could be faulty/broken wire going to coil,transistor, etc....
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