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Thread: Walbro 255 died when I ran out of gas???

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2009-04-24 06:53:27
Walbro 255 died when I ran out of gas???
Anyone ever had this happen? I dont ever fill the NX up because I only drive it around the block really or to the track. Well the other day I was letting it idle so i could check some stuff. Well it ran out of gas and cut off. I figured no big deal. Ill just go get some gas for it when I finish working on it. Well I put new gas in it and the fuel pump makes a slight noise but then I get nothing. Fuel pressure doesnt go up either. But you can hear it trying to pump. Anyone else ever had that happen to them
2009-04-24 06:57:24
Maybe you didn't run out of gas, maybe you ran out of pump. lol.
2009-04-24 07:04:54
The pump doesnt have more then 10k miles on it though.
2009-04-24 07:11:46
I have heard running your car out of gas causes problems, but I don't know anyone personally that has had a problem. My friend has run out a few times in the same car too.
2009-04-24 07:25:36
ive heard that its bad to run out of bump because the gas helps to cool the pump itself and when there is nothing for it to pump it can burn itself out..but idk if thats for every fuel pump..
2009-04-24 08:23:38
Its because the Walmart pumps use a dry bushing. So while it's in gas it's ok, starve it of gas and it kills the pump. There cheap so just buy another one, or get a Denso pump a little more money for a better pump.
2009-04-24 15:13:02
bmexicang is right. The fuel pump utilizes fuel to cool it. when it gets hot, brushes can wear out really quick from friction and heat. It's just how they are designed.

We should all make a brushless fuel pump so we can have better performance
2009-04-24 15:53:41
I sold 2 Walbro 255lph fuel pumps to a friend of mine. He is mechanic, so he installed one in his B13 and one into a customers B13. I think he ran both cars out of gas or really low on gas and this happend to both of them. I gave him another fuel pump (not a Walbro) as a replacement and it happened to it as well. it sounds as if it is trying to pump but then it doesnt and the pressure is very weak when it does. As if it is struggling. I have a 190lph Walbro in my car right now and I drove it about 5 miles in reserve fuel (the gas light was luminant) the other day. I hope nothing happens to it. What do you guys think?
My car has been parked for about 7 or more months as it was being body worked. Its done now but I have not finished fiting it up as yet, so I dont really drive it and definitely not enough to tell if there is differnece in performance due to lack of fuel but I haved noticed now that when giving the car ignition and the pump is allowed to prime. it sounds different now than it used to when priming.
2009-04-24 18:13:36
I have a walbro 255 in my car for almost 2 years and I have ran out of gas a few times and run on the reserve often and nothing has ever happen with my pump. I would open the tank up and check it out maybe a hose is messed up. Also how much fuel did you put back in the car, maybe you are taking in air at the same time. Which would not allow it to build the pressure need to start the car.
2009-04-25 01:05:38
When the light comes on it is around 2.5-3 gallons of fuel left. This is fine as long as you don't run it to the vapors. Sometimes you can get away with it just fine and not have an issue. Sometimes you don't.
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