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Thread: Nissan Primera sr20ve-t Dyno

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2009-04-21 20:44:23
Nissan Primera sr20ve-t Dyno
Ok guys as I posted in my thread I just went to the dyno today... Im very happy with the results since its baseline dyno ( Im just getting use to the Ve world) I did play a lot with the cams switch and I learn very usefull info today.
this is the same setup as before but with a sr16 tranny lsd and 17 inchs wheels instead of the 15 ...
Stock sr20ve motor
at 16lbs or 1.1 bar peak falling to 15,5 lbs.
Green line boost
blue line backpressure.
rpm switch at 4500rpm 3 gear dyno

I will give my impressions later...
2009-04-21 20:52:57
damn good results considering its just a baseline and the low boost. Should make some serious numbers with more boost and more tunning
2009-04-21 20:55:41
Very nice #'s
2009-04-21 21:51:56
very nice number
congrat man¡¡¡
2009-04-21 22:27:43
****, those numbers are awsome great job man

dont have any video???
2009-04-21 22:33:43
YouTube - Nissan Primera turbo at the dyno sr20vet
2009-04-21 22:38:29
Looks like about 450whp at peak. Very nice numbers. For a stock VE that is very very good!
2009-04-21 22:42:02
447 Coheed... I think its ok .. Im just learnig about the VE ...
Thanks man.
2009-04-22 00:15:42
Don't be modest. You know you kick ass! lol.

Any ideas why power drops off on the top? Head flow?

It really kicks ass that you have more boost than backpressure too. That usually means 100% or higher VE. Wish I had that
2009-04-22 02:53:31
My impressions.

This was done on 3 gear(dyno).. full boost in 4 its at 5000rpm with the cams switch at 4800-900 rpm I was getting as you can see fullboost at 5400 rpm aprox in 3gear
The power deliver its very diff than the DE its has a lot more responce (due to the sr16 gb) and the rpm never falls from 5900 rpm( from 3 gear ) so its allways on the sweet spot
On the street it feels very powerfull over 6500 rpm to the rev limit at 7500rpm , My next step its to rise the rev limit to 8000 rpm and see what its does, after that sr16 cams , a bigger turbine housing its going to be in the game too .
After I done all of this n1 cams and play with a gt4088r .
Hope to dyno the 8000 rpm limit plus the cams(sr16) within no more than 4 weeks from now if everything goes well.
Coheed In the dyno (as you can see in the vid) I got a little wheel spin at the end of the rpm band so I think this is 1 of the reasons that the power fall a little bit the other 1 its the timing I know I can get a better map on top and pocibly smooth that zone of the powerband and also needs to keep the boost to 16lbs on top to.
Cheers and thanks.
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