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Thread: Idle Breather

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2009-04-20 23:02:03
Idle Breather
Currently the Idle breather is connected to the BOV flange (stock avenir). What would happen if I connect it to the Intake pipe before turbo?

It's the line to the bottom of the flange:
2009-04-20 23:07:43
I don't see why that would be bad, aside from really long hose all over. the air reg closes once the car warms up. It just goes to the intake anyway
2009-04-21 00:46:10
I'm also thinking that it might be better on the intake pipe, that way when in boost you don't have to worry having leaks in the IACV, etc.

But I am worried that turbo might suck out any air that IACV might be using though hehe.
2009-04-21 02:38:24
dont do it, it must be on the pressure side of the pipe, you will have a boost leak if you put it on the turbo inlet. The iac valve does not close all the way even when your unter throttle. You will have a boost leak once you start building positive pressure. Just think about it. The iac goes to your intake manifold. Your intake manifold goes under boost. there is that air gonna go through your iac back to your turbo intake pipe.

Every setup ive seen you have to use it on the pressure side. that way when you build boost the intake manifold and pipes equalize.
2009-04-21 19:19:58
Ah that makes sense, good point Ashton!

I'm just looking to replace my stock BOV's pipe, because i hate how restrictive it is etc.

I'm wanting to use a stock BOV, but having a hard time finding a 2.5" T pipe with the same flange, so much just go with Greddy Type S styled pipe and BOV.

My only problem is finding someone to weld on the some bungs hehe.
2009-04-21 19:26:50
Send pipes/flanges/etc. to me and I'll TIG them up good. Mark them with placement if you'd like.
I can chop up the stock pipe and steal the flange from it and put it on any 2.5" pipe if that'd be easier.
Might be cheaper to figure something else out though...
2009-04-21 22:08:05
I might take you up on that Ben, I can also include a return label haha.

Where do you get the bungs themselfs? hehe
2010-03-08 22:15:39
Anyone run this pre-turbo w/out any leaks/issues?

Would the car even boost if it was pre-turbo. Reason I ask is because I'm having an issue building any boost at all and I have this running pre-turbo.
2010-03-09 03:45:05
The hose coming from under the intake manifold right? Yeah you are causing a boost leak.
2010-03-09 15:09:41
Originally Posted by Vadim
The hose coming from under the intake manifold right? Yeah you are causing a boost leak.

Yes, from the intake manifold. I have this pre-turbo and am having an issue where I can't build any boost. Not sure if it's related or not. I'm wondering if the leak would be so bad that it would dump everything to the pre-turbo piping and not allow any boost to build.
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