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Thread: goodbye third gear

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2008-01-07 18:58:11
goodbye third gear
as I was pulling up a hill it blew up I could hear the pieces rolling around inside and even feel them through the shifter all the other gears still work. should I try to rebuild it, or get another?
is this just going to keep happening unless I upgrade to a p11/b15?
is the gear the same as any in a RWD trans if so I have one of those laying around
2008-01-07 19:01:47
p11/b15 time. how much power are you making?
2008-01-07 19:13:20
about 250hp /250tq
2008-01-07 19:17:38
hmmm MAYBE you can get away with rebuilding the b13 tranny but cryo treat your gear stacks and shotpeen them.

if you really want to be safe and prepared for more power in the long run, go b15 or p11. i THINK the p11 tranny has a bigger final drive which i would prefer. 80mph in my car with a b15 tranny is at like 4k rpm so if you can get the bigger final drive that would probly save you some gas.

those trannys are good for lots of power though.
2008-01-07 19:29:28
I'm not real excited about spending the money for a p11, because my car just isn't that nice. I'm half tempted to find a decent p11 and swapping my motor into it
2008-01-07 20:25:31
i've got a shot peen'd and cryo treated set of stacks i'd sell you. the only thing is, you might need to replace the ring gear with yours.
2008-01-07 20:48:39
why are they from a p10?

how much?
2008-01-07 21:32:34
how much are b15/p11 trannys going for???
2008-01-07 21:32:44
If it is from a P10 94-96 or a 91-99 SER all you have to do is change the ring gear.

If it is from a P10 91-93 it is not that simple. You will have to change ring gear and pinion gear which is part of the shaft so you will have to press off gears.

P10 91-93 4.083
P10 94-96 4.178
2008-01-07 22:35:34
my trans is suppossed to be from a 98 se, but I'm not sure what it really is. I'm thinking it is actually from a 98 se-l. it is a cable trans, and does have the hump at the driver side axle. I'll probably have it out in a couple of days, and I'll post some pics
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