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Thread: Best combo for high boost?

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2008-01-08 15:55:51
Originally Posted by GT2871RBLUBIRD
well there are 2 ways to do it, the cheap way or the right way. obviously the right way isnt cheap. so that is up to you.

its no that there isnt a need to build up a bottom end with the sr20s, but most people cheap out and think since they have the ability to hold a good ammount of power why build them up..that is more or less the feeling i get behind it..

That is exactly why people dont build them, because it is not necessary for 90% of the sr owners.

Scrap the cometic HG crap. Yes gt2876r rebuilds happen for many reasons and as you stated higher compression is a big one. That is the only reason I am contemplating a forged bottom end since my goal is only 350whp awd

But you did say cheap is not the right way. Cheap is fine and is goal dependent.

Seriously, the rods will be fine, so if you are gonna go forged on 1 of the rotating parts, do pistons so you can bump to 9:1cr and just stick to 86mm to save on costs. The rod is not going to get bent at 450whp. Then do the top end, cams will net you the most power with a z32 maf and GOOD TUNE

Building a motor with forged internals is not the only route to go and I wish people would stop touting it as the first mod to do. Built bottom end is the last thing to do, unless the motor is out and you have the means to do it, then it makes sense if you are 100% gonna do it in the future
2008-01-08 17:59:43
i think it is a matter of prefrence, i have built many motors. andi dont cheap out on building motors when i do. that is just prefrence, he asked, i answered, even if the sr are stout i will still rebuild them with all aftermarket internals.
2008-01-08 20:17:58
Just get a Jdm de with a big ass turbo setup...
Then spend money on a tune. I would say a big 60 trim and the Jim Wolf 72# program..
2008-01-08 20:51:35
I agree with fro20 the bottom end will hold the power with the stock internals spend the money on the head 1st and get a ve oil pump. Even build motors blow up because of a bad tune, im not saying gt28 is wrong but spend the money on the head 1st and get the car tuned right!!!
2008-01-09 00:01:40
Faton why not just go DET? For the amount of money you would spend on tearing apart a DE, buying & swapping pistons, rods, oil pumps, headgaskets then machine work, for less than $1000 you can have:

-8.5:1 Compression
-Piston oil squirters
-Sodium filled exhaust valves
-Higher volume oil pump

You already have the BC Stage 2's & a 2871R. You can even go 30R or a nice T3, work a nice tune and call it a day like everyone said..theres no need to take on headaches if you dont need to. Especially if you are doing it to street car for a reasonable price.
2008-01-09 00:05:14
P.S.- VVL+Boost is not needed...nice to have, but not needed. When i get off the dyno next week i will show you why
2008-01-09 14:36:49
lol yea i hear you man, i just have money sitting for a build i been saving up slowly but lately still trying to decide weither to spend it on that or not...i just want to be able to put something together and make it powerful and be proud to handle the abuse without worrying for the most part...
2008-01-09 15:52:07
There some benefits to haveing cast pitons in a street motor vice forged. With the cast it is not as critical to let the engine warm up before heading off for work or school. Cost is kept down and they hold mad power still.

Go which ever way you want, just dont waste money on things not necessary for your goals. I did that, I went overboard, and it was cool, but not necessary for 500whp. Build the motor to be safe (relatively speaking) for what you want without breaking the bank, and then go buy some beer.

I will have some gtir rods for sale soon, and maybe some pistons depending on which way you go.

Good luck with the build
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