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Thread: Little things...

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2009-04-13 18:10:57
Little things...
This is just sort of a blog/"what's on my mind" post. Read/comment if you'd like. If you don't like blog posts, stop reading now.

If you're still with me, thanks. Anyway, here goes...

Well, I recently replaced the VC gasket, on my turbo SE-R, and right after that I started seeing some oil spray in the charge pipe. Looked like it was coming from the corner of the valve cover (back right, if looking under the hood). So Rob (RobChaos) and I re-seated the gasket and in doing so noticed that there is a chip, or bend in the VC itself. It isn't like a huge chunk or anything, but it looks like oil could have been spraying between that and the gasket. So when we re-seated it, we made extra sure to check that corner, and tighten that bolt a little extra. After that little adjustment, I drove to Easter dinner. When I got there, I lifted the hood to check and make sure that there wasn't any new spray (we cleaned the dirty hoses etc), and it was dry. So that's some good news.

Next on the list, probably going to get some plugs/wires, just as a little PM. Might even swap out the VC with one that Rob has. If I do that, Rob might be able to repair the VC I have now. And by repair, I mean...if the lip is bent, he might be able to bend it back out. And I need to get a new oil dip stick. lol I know that sounds dumb, but the one that's in there doesn't have the finger loop on top. So, I need to either get one from Nissan, or find one in a junk yard, or someone parting out a car...something.

We also did some general looking around, and found that the breather/catch can hoses are routed all sorts'a wrong. One of these days, soon, we're going to get in there and re-route them.

I also want to switch my BOV to run open. I tried it for a while, and thought I had the adjustment nailed, but then it started to idle really weird. That was solved by simply connecting the recirc hose, but now I'm back to having some compressor surge. I can only guess that's because the recirc just restricts the flow too much... Wonder if maybe I need to just re-adjust the BOV some more. I don't know...

Anyway, just thought I'd share a little of what's going on. Not many people know me here, and I'm slowly trying to change that. Thanks for reading. I'll update this periodically, as I think of new things to say. Other than that, comment away folks. And please, check out my site!
2009-04-13 20:19:13
I like this are others free to join in this thread?
2009-04-13 21:04:11
I mean, I'm open to comments. If you have some tips/advice for me, I'll take any that I can get.
2009-04-13 21:41:00
i know i having all kinds of vacume and hesitating problems... oh well
2009-04-15 18:14:46
Well, just a little bump.

The car is running strong. I'm having a lot of fun so far. I'm still contemplating what I want to do about a turbo upgrade. Obviously this will come well after I get some suspension upgrades, but I want to have a plan.

I've basically narrowed it down to either a t28, t25/t28 hybrid, or just going with the Disco Potato - GT28R. Each has it's own little challenges involved with it.

-The t28 is going to require some piping changes...minor stuff, so I hear, but still.

-The t25/t28 involves buying a good t28, milling out the housing on the t25, and swapping the internals. A good side to that choice is, I get to keep the same manifold, and J-pipe, while yeilding higher boost.

-The GT28R requires, like the t28, piping changes, and is probably the most expensive option. More power, and a great reward for such an expense...but that's really going to hit the old wallet hard.

Another thing on my mind is my exhaust. It's an HKS cat-back, but it's got a pretty quiet muffler, and very 'stock looking' tip. I don't mind that, in fact it's kind of fun. But I'm weighing the options of getting a new axle-back system. The only reason I say axle-back, is because I've already got the 2.5" cat-back in place, I just want a new muffler. I enjoy the sound. On the other hand, it gives a little hint to those who would otherwise suspect a completely, or mostly, stock Sentra. But by that same token it may just put a bull's eye on my back to a bunch of hot-headed ricers who think they're faster than me. Not only them, but let's not forget the people in their Chargers/Mustangs/Camaros that think my little jap-box is a piece of sh*t that they'll just walk all over. Could be quite fun having the opportunity to embarrass those types of people.

Ok, that's it for today. Thanks again for reading along. As always, feel free to add your $0.02.
2009-04-15 18:53:19
How are you planning on rerouting your catchcan/etc? I'm at a crossroads with this as well. I have the basic idea down, but I don't know how well I'm going to get it work, with my current setup...
2009-04-15 23:55:25
Well, what I mean by that, really, is routing it the way it's supposed to be. The hoses are not even in the right places...like the catch can hose is supposed to go to the VC. Well, it's actually going to the intake, before the turbo. And the other nipple on the breather is just capped off. It's really f*cked...but I don't think it's affecting performance, but the catch can certainly can't do it's job.
2009-04-27 16:44:11
Mid April update:

Well, not much has changed really. Although I did notice that I'm starting to break up a little under boost. It only does it for a second, and only if I really get on it. But after a second or two, it goes like anything. I suspect that I may need plugs. Also, I remembered that the last time I removed the VC, one of the terminals inside the spark plug wire came off...connectivity may be an issue. So, I'll be doing plugs and wire here shortly.

I'm fairly certain that my parents are going to buy me road magnets for my birthday (in July) and that my Fiancee is going to buy me a short shifter. Other than that, the search continues for a decent set of B14 SE-R wheels. I need something a little wider than the 185's that are currently on the stock B13 SE-R wheels.

That's all. Add comments/questions as you feel necessary. And, of course, thanks for reading.
2009-04-27 16:52:25
screw the GT28RS and GTIR turbo's, get a TD05h-18G. Matt has some SEL B14 rims for sale and it's pretty cheap. i rather run a cut-out instead of replacing the HKS muffler.
2009-04-27 17:20:13
Does the 18G require a new turbo mani?

SEL wheels 'eh? Have to see what those look like.

The cut-out isn't a bad idea either.
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