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Thread: My first boosted ride.... whoooooaassss

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2009-04-17 06:16:08
Originally Posted by TeKKiE
Jen has a calum basic ECU. Chances are that he doesn't have the cold start fix.

chances are that's the problem. My calum, plug and play, ran me 16:1 and was constantly changing driveability.
2009-04-17 06:25:00
16:1 cold idle air/fuels? Hmm maybe thats why my car does that lol
2009-04-17 10:06:17
Originally Posted by jen36
update. this idle just wont stay in one place! as soon as i turned the car off close the shop and started the car the idle went back to the 1000 to 700 stumble. i just dont get it. scotty told me to take da tps off and drive and to my suprise it drives normal. wtf. . . i give up. packing my bags and going to up north to tune da stupid car

When are you going?

You know they're heading to the road course this weekend, and there's a car show on Sunday. Hit me up today...
2009-04-17 15:54:45
as you know im probably leaving tonight...
2009-04-17 18:48:09
sent you a text. I had someone what of the same issue before..
2009-04-18 05:40:12
just got to teks apartment. the ride here was outstanding. it drove really good. gas milage was great. but everytime i stoped for a damn toll that stupid idle was still there bu either way i was impress with my car
2009-04-19 06:20:08
well went up north and didnt find s hit out. i had a small hole in my intercooler but got that fixed. i had zero vacume leaks but the mystery idle remains
2009-04-19 10:29:09
It shouldn't be a mystery if you test it ie vise grips to the hose going to the air reg, if that doesn't fix it and it is an ecu/bad wiring issue unplugging it will make it better by a good deal
2009-04-19 17:49:09
Originally Posted by jere
It shouldn't be a mystery if you test it ie vise grips to the hose going to the air reg, if that doesn't fix it and it is an ecu/bad wiring issue unplugging it will make it better by a good deal

Wasn't the air regulator or the AAC valve. I feel it's an ECU programming issue. Last night after chillin at a restaurant for a few hours, started the car and the fans came on immediately. GOTTA be something with the ECU.

EDIT: Forgot to mention. Pressure tested the system to 25psi, and found that intercooler leak as mentioned by Jen above. Hooked up a vacuum pump, started the car, and checked vacuum. Vacuum sits SOLID at 20inHg. First time I've laid hands on an SR that pulls a full 20inHg vacuum

Soo..... Other ideas for organization's sake:
You as well as a few other people mentioned disconnecting the AAC to determine if cold idle improves/warm idle improves.
IACV adjustment screw does in fact affect idle, just not much.
Jen mentioned something about the car idling MUCH better with TPS disconnected whether cold or warm.
He also stated that the o2 sensor seemed to not report anything, when TPS was connected and car was revved to around 3K or whatever. With TPS disconnected, o2 reads fine.

I forget what the other symptoms are, but those are what I remember. The idle is HORRIBLE on cold start. Definitely have to keep the foot on the gas to get it to start and keep it running. Warm idle isn't that great either, sounds like a cammed car, with stock DET cams installed. I'm thinking possibly mechanical timing issues, but seems not to be the problem because the car runs great under load. Just idle issues.
2009-04-19 18:59:25
i would pull the iacv off and clean it out. get a fsm and use it to check out your air regulator as well. its hard to see but how close is your maf to your turbo? have you used a wideban o2 sensor to see what afr you are running? there is also the possiblity of an air bubble getting stuck in the iacv area and messing with that so double check the coolant and make sure its air free. as for calums ecu with cold start that part of the ecu doesnt get changed. the ecu that you had calum work on was it the ecu that was in the car originaly? did you swap any sensors over from the original motor or are you using the det's sensors?
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