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Thread: My first boosted ride.... whoooooaassss

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2009-04-15 01:06:08
Originally Posted by TeKKiE
Welcome to boost Jenny, there's no turning back!!!!!!!

2009-04-15 01:09:35
except for that guy^^^^^^^^^
2009-04-15 02:07:32
Originally Posted by jen36
car is running great now! well almost. my whole problem was the stupid intake spacers on the throttle body. it does not make the butterly close all the way like its suppose to letting more air in at idle then it needed to making everything go stupid. i had to take the bar and heat it up and hit it with the hammer to strech it out. now it does not hum back and forth. it just stays at a constant 3grand but now i can put it in timing mode and adjust it, im happy now. and will be even more when i have the idle right

WTF!!! That's the FIRST thing I asked you on the phone...

"Is your butterfly closing all the way on the TB?" n00b
2009-04-15 02:10:05
no chit how you think i found out?? lol
2009-04-15 02:17:21
time to post up some videos
2009-04-15 02:40:46
lol dude why not try adjusting the throttle cable then?
2009-04-15 02:59:17
throttle has nuthing to do with it. hell i took the throttle cable off and it still revs to 3k constantly. im going to figure this chit out.i will mess with it tomorrow
2009-04-15 12:27:02
check the air regulator its underneath the manifold
2009-04-15 12:52:57
He was working on it last night when he called me. Said he was going to swap out the JDM AAC for his USDM one.
2009-04-15 16:43:31
i changed it yesterday and it was a pain in the ass. it took me forever to get to the top screw and i did all that and it still didnt do anything for my idle. maybe i have a vacume leak somewhere. this is starting to get frustrating
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