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Thread: My first boosted ride.... whoooooaassss

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2009-04-13 00:41:00
Originally Posted by TheRealNighthog
that is the best condition TMIC I have ever seen.

lol the funny thing about this top mount is that its been all around the USA. 5 forum members have had this same TMIC and never used it. 2 of these members are locals and i have personaly seen this same top mount 2 years ago when pete(classicaddict) was going to use it but never got the time to do the turbo set up and sold it to somebody in texas lol....and now it came back to me. go figure huh....

Originally Posted by TeKKiE
Got Dayam so clean! It's about damn time!!!!! Welcome to boost Jenny, there's no turning back!!!!!!!

I'm so proud of you !

lol. yeah im proud to now if i can get this thing running as good as it looks it will be even better, we already found 2 vacume leaks and it idles wayyy better, he's setting the tps and then we are going to put it in timing mode. then after that set the AFPR
2009-04-13 00:42:41
Good deal! You're in good hands with Scotty.

So are you going up this next weekend? We're going up Friday night or Saturday morning...
2009-04-13 00:47:44
i should be going key word should!!! naj talking about going to Ocean City for the weekend so i dunno,... you know how that goes man. PUSSY rules i guess....

car is sounding alot better now.. anybody know how to read kpa into psi? 58 psi is about 4 bar. i need a conversion

edit found it..
2009-04-13 02:52:58
when your planning on going to OC again?

Congratz on the swap. should been done sooner if you listen to me and finish it up before you text every mofo you knew that you had to wire up the maf!
2009-04-13 03:30:21
Way to go Jensen, I'm jealous...my car has been boosted for over two weeks and I still haven't been able to drive it...

Let me know how boost feels...
2009-04-13 03:48:42
keo naj wants to go this comming weekend and stay friday saturday and sunday. and yea i know i would have been done but i still had alot of work as i found out today. took 2 hours just to find were all the vacume hoses go make a resurcalating hose and find a pipe that will fit were we need the hose to run, drill a hole in it and make threads for the hose...fun stuff

lol the police just came in wondering what we were doing... they have nuthing better to do. but im good to go

lol^^ i guess now i can officially say i BEAT YOU! sike but to on a serious note i hit boost but it just felt so laggy and slow. i hope after setting the fuel pressure and stuff that it will hit harder..

we still cant get the idle right. it jumps from 1k to 2k rpm in a sweeping motion back and forth constant. wonder what it is
2009-04-13 07:16:54
took it for a spin after the tweaks and OMFG! that thing runs like mad. only thing i cant figure out is this wierd 1k to 3k sputter. in between that rpm range it hesitates and we cant figure out y, also my idle will not smooth out. it revs from 1k to 2k over and over and no matter what we do it does not go away. hot engine or cold engine so that prevented us going into timing mode. any ideas
2009-04-13 09:38:20
Check ignition stuff plugs, wires, dist, rotor, first. Boost leaks are a good guess too
2009-04-13 09:47:12
i had a similar problem i coulnd't rev over 5k so check and clean out you maf i did that that and hasn't given me a problem since hope this help you out.
2009-04-13 10:24:20
Constant rev bounce like your explaining could be IACV, AAC, TB, or vacuum leak.

Pressure test the system like I told your ass last night. If ANY vacuum lines are leaking, you'll hear them.
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