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Thread: Build has begun, Updated 9/14/09 Tune fixed!!!!!!!

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2009-09-15 17:04:27
awesome! can't wait to see your new numbers...
2009-09-15 17:19:33
i really dont see how you break the tires lose all the time. thats a waste of tires and money but to each his own.
2009-09-15 17:32:38
lol, thats just what happens when i punch it man, I dont do it all the time, I built the car for power and with good slicks on a dragstrip it grips well. I have a couple things im gonna do before i go back out like have my front wheel alignment done, Its a bit off but nothing bad. Just going to make sure its perfect before i go, cuz any little bet helps.
2009-09-16 07:21:06
Originally Posted by ashtonsser
yeah that will work too, My tires are fairly new falkens so its not the tires, lol 400+whp in a 2k lb car there is sometimes no choice but the tires to break loose.

You should see the car on 24psi on the street, Seriously NO traction until almost 120mph. I hit 4th and the tires continue to spin as the rpm holds right near redline, not hitting the limiter but the tires are fighting for traction bad and then grab right before redline. I think with around 550whp after the mani goes on its gonna be limiter pounding in 4th under full throttle, I will now have to partial throttle until 5th gear. Oh well, hahaha

Haha, I was just messing around man, I know you're making serious power. I was just playing because my car is tearing them loose in 3rd, but I'm pretty sure it's because I have a set of old and cheap bridgestones or some crap that don't hold for crap. I'm sure that once I get some better tires I'll see a big difference. I'm really wanting to get the car on a road course, so I won't be shooting for anything like you're making. 350 or so will be pushing the limit on useful power!

Awesome power man, you've built a real monster. When are you going for that 10 second run?
2009-09-16 12:27:12
probably sometime in october when it gets down into the 60's in the evenings. Right now its way too hot. I want the best conditions possible to hit it so im gonna wait a bit.
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