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Thread: Build has begun, Updated 9/14/09 Tune fixed!!!!!!!

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2009-04-29 18:38:33
Originally Posted by TeKKiE
Why do you really need two maps for low boost and high boost? If tuned right, it shouldn't matter if you're running 11psi or 31psi. If you have no leaks and everything is running as it's supposed to, the tune should not differ.

Because 11 psi and 31 psi are two totally different worlds, your talking 11psi is easily acomplished on pump gas, while 31 psi is not easily accomplished on pump and most likely you should be using 110 octane or above or pump with water meth. They will be two totally different tunes.

I never said i was not going to tune it, Noone else tunes my car except me, i understand what needs to be done, And for right now im doing it by lowering the fuel pressure some, Its not the timing map that needs adjustment its the fuel, Its running rediculously rich and instead of adjusting it on the ecu as you would on a realtime im taking away fuel by adjusting fuel pressure. Im trying to get it to where i can leave the fpr vac line on to where it does bump up fuel pressure under boost and not just flood it out. Its in the works after my mani gets finished so keep an eye out.

Ill be doing some tuning runs tonight on 110 octane fuel both on low boost and trying to dial in my boost controller and ill probably go to about 20-22lbs of boost no problem, The motor is strong and the only thing that can really happen from running too rich would be fouled plugs or where it would dry out the cylinder walls but again if i can get it close with just adjusting fuel pressure it should be just fine. Too rich only will hurt your power output not the motor.

Ill keep it updated, As for right now i have the line back on the afpr and im gonna see what happens with some added boost, There is no boost leaks in my piping so there is no other explaining it other than the fact the tune is a bit off and that before the added boost being at 28lbs was just evening out the a/f ratio. Thats all i can think of, The only real main difference from before to now is i have the s4 cams and also a lower comression motor.
2009-04-29 18:41:47
Originally Posted by SE-Rican
It should run decent Tekkie but, not to the full potential of a solid tune. My DE on boost ran well on low boost but, on high boost it ran a lot better due to the fine tune being on high boost. You can not fine tune the same set up twice. You dig?

your right and thats where i think this tune is very well tuned at is the higher boost levels cuz on 28 lbs on that de motor it ran rediculous, your talking even with these same tires they didnt catch till 115-120mph that i made those runs on 14lbs of boost, and that was without cams. So im thinking i can make the same power with the cams and a good healthy build on less boost as i was making on 28 lbs on that motor i threw in there.

Again thats what im gonna find out. Im gonna see how it runs on a higher boost level now that i have the partial throttle fixed and yes im leaving the fpr line attached for that, I woudnt do it any other way and it will also be done on 110 octane race fuel. So It should definetly be fun.
2009-05-06 07:03:39
Originally Posted by ashtonsser

in the mean time im gonna have a buddy thats a great welder repair this one

awh thanks haha
2009-05-06 09:17:53
Originally Posted by TheRealSy90
awh thanks haha

lol who said i was talking bout you
2009-08-21 02:37:29
Originally Posted by Nismo1997
Oh such a build, why would you cheap out on the manifold(no offence)? I wouldn't risk a 600$ turbo and 200 gate on a cheap manifold..Other then that it looks like a decent build..Also replace your fuel rail your supply line is bent.

Good luck.

i would have to agree ive seen so many of those cheap stainless manifolds crack
ive even seen the big brand HKS and trust manifolds crack
this is the reason why we dont make manifolds out of stainless
2009-09-14 23:46:37
Well some updates on my car.

I finally got around to rebuilding the turbo that has been smoking and had way way too much in and out shaft play probably 1/4 worth matter fact.

I also redid my piping to all 3", fixed a nasty boost leak at my Tial Knockoff bov. The bottom plate that seals the whole thing that attaches to the pin that is pulled up with vac completely fell of and was chilling in my intercooler. I put it back on with some locktite.

I took the car out for a drive and gave a buddy a ride that hasnt been in my car and right off the bat i noticed the response of the engine was soooo much better. I glanced at my wideband guage and noticed right off that it was running leaner than it normally did. Keep in mind i still had the vac line to the afpr unhooked and plugged. I did a pull low boost 18psi 3rd gear and blew the tires off even though it was still over 100 deg out and the car felt good so i was wondering if maybe the boost leak was the culprit for the retarded rich conditions with the afpr line hooked up to where fuel pressure is upped under boost.

So this morning i decided to test it out in 5th gear being i dont have 4th right now (P11 trans on the way) So i get on it at 60mph from about 3k all the way to 6k rpms 125mph or so and sure enough 5k rpm and below a/f was at 11.8-9 then as soon as i crossed my peak torque at 5k rpm the a/f started to climb lean 12.4-5:1 is what i saw so i let off. This was at 6k rpms. Pulled like mad though.

So i pull over at the gas station and connected the afpr vac line and went out for another run 5th gear 60mph to 135mph 3k rpm to 6500 rpm and WHALLA!!!! a/f below 5k rpm was holding a solid 11.3-4:1 and after my peak torque from 5k-6500 the a/f held at 11.5-6:1 perfect not fluctuating and man did the car pull hard as hell. I am soo glad i pinpointed the culprit for the nasty cutting out/flooding with the fpr vac line on.

No more guessing now i know my setup is ready to go to even further numbers. After the mani goes on ill be doing some fine tuning to the tune of around 550whp and doing some comaprison numbers of the new intake manifold before that.

Im just glad that bug is worked out and so to make sure it was good i put it in 3rd at 55mph and punched it and blew the tires up in smoke off the limiter and let off while glancing at the a/f, under throttle while spinning the tires off the limiter it never went above 11.5:1 on the guage. Perfect right where i want it. The car is running top notch right now and cant wait to go re dyno after the intake mani.
2009-09-15 04:51:04
I gotta get some 3rd gear traction breaking action!

Rolling in 3rd I can never let them break loose. They fight traction, but never peg the limiter. Your car must be insane! It seems like my 225 tires and fresh p11 lsd just don't wanna lose traction very easily.
2009-09-15 05:43:22
Coheed, I have found the solution to getting 3rd to break loose: crappy old tires! lol!

Ashton, sounds like a wild ride! As always nice work!
2009-09-15 05:53:38
good to see you got it all working good again
2009-09-15 12:21:45
Originally Posted by dr.fowler
Coheed, I have found the solution to getting 3rd to break loose: crappy old tires! lol!

Ashton, sounds like a wild ride! As always nice work!

yeah that will work too, My tires are fairly new falkens so its not the tires, lol 400+whp in a 2k lb car there is sometimes no choice but the tires to break loose.

You should see the car on 24psi on the street, Seriously NO traction until almost 120mph. I hit 4th and the tires continue to spin as the rpm holds right near redline, not hitting the limiter but the tires are fighting for traction bad and then grab right before redline. I think with around 550whp after the mani goes on its gonna be limiter pounding in 4th under full throttle, I will now have to partial throttle until 5th gear. Oh well, hahaha
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