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Thread: any ga16-t guys in here.

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2009-03-31 23:57:06
any ga16-t guys in here.
i would like to ask them about some things about turboing a GA16.

i already have some answers but i would just like to confirm some things.

so if anybody could help me out that would be great.

just pm me or get back to me here.

2009-04-01 00:16:13
it seeems like people have made decent power with the GA. I lot of people here will tell you to just do the SR20DE conversion before you boost anything in the car.

I say be different. I would also say that the biggest difference between the two motors will be overall torque output, and way less low end torque, and boost made later in the RPM range.
2009-04-01 00:38:40
PM Wes here on the forum. He has a awesome B14 GA16DE-T.
2009-04-01 00:57:13
from what i have read wes dont like PM's so im trying to avoid that till last min.
2009-04-01 01:23:28
well here is my set up and please add/help it me if i get anything wrong.

sorry i also drive a 94 sentra E 5speed

this is the turbo kit and intercooler ill be using. 600$

TSI manifold once i find the site again 350
SAFC 50$ from friend
255 hp fuel pump FREE
tune 50 for 3 runs.
spark plugs ??? need info on this

I have a 91 se-r complete car sitting in the garege but the body is to rusted and the sr20 motor will be getting piston/rods .20 over and ill be getting the head built aswell but later on when i get alot of money.

im trying to find a fuel rail for the ga16 so i can use 440 dsm injectors with resister box if needed ( if they fit cuz i have a few here at my house pre DSM owner)

if not then ill be useing the sr20 260cc injector or 340cc i think ka motors ( but dont know what car they come from0
but dont know if they will fit the stock or need to upgrade fuel rail

if i use the 260cc do i still need to run the sr20 ecu or can i run the safc and ga ecu ( this also gose for the bigger injectors)

the mafs i could use the sr20 again do i need to run the sr20 ecu or can i piggyback with safc. other wise which other mafs could i use??

i know JWT makes a wonderfull program here but i really dont want to spend 600 bucks for a ecu when ill be going with a AEM EMS once the sr20de is built.

im trying to keep this under 1500 bucks

i know this has all been coverd before but i couldnt find anything under ga16 turbo.

and some of the stuff i read before i cant find again.
2009-04-01 02:10:36
Originally Posted by mayko
from what i have read wes dont like PM's so im trying to avoid that till last min.

HAHA where did you read that?
2009-04-01 02:15:52
some forums i was reading about the GA16 turbo. i must of saw ur name on like 5 differnt nissan forums lol

cant remember but it was there LOL.
2009-04-01 02:16:09
I was wondering the same thing. Just because under his name it says jackass doesnt mean he is an a s s. LOL
2009-04-01 02:22:58
Wes, what is the best resource online for GA turbo setups? I haven't found any good forums.
2009-04-01 02:26:29
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