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Thread: My 92 SER GTiR turbo build

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2009-03-25 04:22:37
My 92 SER GTiR turbo build

Just wanted to make a build thread for my lovely B13. It originally had an all stock GTiR SR20DET... ever since a rocker arm flew we have been on a treasure hunt for a special shim and guide these past few months. I finally found the part numbers off of some random GTiR forum, then I called Courtesy Nissan, they did some searching, and found them. Now those parts are being shipped from Japan for a mere 16 bucks (will be here in 6 weeks).

During all that intense searching I got a wild hair up my butt that I wanted to make more power. I want ~400-450whp. With that said, I HAD to start ordering some things...

Stock turbo and manifold have been removed as I wait and wait and wait...

Ordered the Precision SC6265 Turbo mmmmmmmmmm

Ordered a Peakboost copy manifold with downpipe and dumptube

may have to change this flange to fit a 44MM WG ...

My ACT 6 puck sprung disc and xtreme pressure plate came in the mail

It's a good start!
2009-03-25 04:52:21
damn kim u beat me to it!
i know we are newbs here lol, i am Kenneth and above is my gf Kim.

this used to be my toy but i felt like letting her have some fun so i gave it to her so we could do the build together. its made us closer!
anyways, this will be her 1st turbo setup (wish my 1st was this nice!)
as she said we had a rocker arm come out from my dumbass missing 4th lol
finally got the ONLY size rocker guide and shim we could find (if u know where to get these PLEASE let us know!) as soon as they come in we can figure out if there was any other damage. still have not located the missing shim, and half the guide that broke :| rocker arm and everything else seemed to survive, just flew across the head. so once this is all done we will be seeing if, or how much of the core support will hafta be cut out, if any of you have used a RWD manifold on this setup lmk, just plan on shooting the downpipe out the driver side bumper in front of the front wheel.

basically, theres a lil gutted 420whp civic she wants to lay the smack down on haha

the car has a safc and precision 550's right now that i will be posting for sale soon, along with the OEM GTi-R turbo,manifold,and elbow. we will probably use 1000cc bosch injectors and we arent sure what ECU we want to use yet, has to be friendly with who will be tuning it, Tony Palo. any suggestions or questions dont hesitate to speak up!

i promise we wont lurk anymore lolz, just been doing lots of research

P.S. if you know where to buy a GTi-R oil pan PLLLLEEEASSSE LMK!!!!
2009-03-25 05:12:19
Call Greg from gspec... he can take care of all your needs for parts.

Nice to see more locals.

Use calum realtime ecu easy to work with.
2009-03-25 05:15:08
i dunno if tony has any experience with these tho, or if hes willing to learn.

ive read ALOT of good things about the Calum ecu tho, and him being local made happy thoughts

im guessing greg can get all oem parts and aftermarket???? have a #???

thanks man! really appreciate it! where in dfw are you? we are in frisco

2009-03-25 05:25:35
G Spec Performance

1-760-535-2259 - He does oem and aftermarket... I've spent alot of money with him. Awesome guy and he actually cares about customers.

Tuning it is easy... Anybody who can tune at all can do a calum ecu. I can walk him through it when the time comes if needed.

North Fort Worth
2009-03-25 05:51:36
Thank you for all the advice, hopefully Tony will agree to use the Calum ECU to tune.. it seems like a good route to go
2009-03-25 06:07:40
hmm cool, so i just send the gtir ecu to calum? maybe i can just drive it to him i dunno if he does that or w/e

and ill try to make it out to T1 and talk to Tony sometime this week, see if he will do it

now if i can just figure out what the ORIGINAL shim size is and order them from greg, then i can put the head back together and check clearance to order the RIGHT shims for the whole head

this motor has been REALLY strong, and has been in this SER for like 6 years now, i dunno if that means i should trust it or worry more haha!

2009-03-25 10:28:38
Well did you pull the oil pans to look for the shim? 9 times out of 10, that's where they end up.
2009-03-25 14:11:52
Put some nice wheels on that b13 and it would look dope...nothing crazy big some nice 16 gt3's will set it off it has a nice stance right now what do u have for suspension?
2009-03-25 14:27:30
Originally Posted by TeKKiE
Well did you pull the oil pans to look for the shim? 9 times out of 10, that's where they end up.

or on the oil baffle around the oil pick up. I shot three rocker arms off and the shims were sitting next to the springs. One did make its way down to the oil pan.
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