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Thread: Turbo gurus, a question:

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2009-03-21 23:22:37
Turbo gurus, a question:
So, I'm in the midst of swapping a ball-bearing T28 onto my S13. I got everything running right, and on the dyno the seals and/or bearings in the exhaust side gave out.

This was a used turbo, but it was bought from a very reputable shop, had low miles, blah blah. They've already given me a refund and I've already ordered a new turbo. They sold it in good faith and even warrantied it, and it seemed great with basically no shaft play when it arrived; I don't think anyone would have predicted this problem.

This turbo, despite being used, was attractive because the exhaust housing was coated in SwainTech's White Lightning.

My question is this - is there any reason I shouldn't swap the exhaust housing to my new turbo? I've already got it off; I can't find any indication of rubbing/abrasion inside it at all. The turbo still takes a long time to spin down after I shut off the car, which I understand is an attribute of the BB center section. The failure on the dyno was evidenced only by a fair amount of blue oil smoke out the tailpipe. A LOT of diagnosis indicates that the engine is as healthy as ever, and the shaft play/wobble on the turbo says it's done, or will be soon.

Anyway, I don't know if there's some logical or mythical reason I shouldn't use the Swain-coated part on the new turbo.

Any advice appreciated.
2009-03-21 23:44:01
I would for sure use re use it. My new turbo has a tech line coated exhaust housing and o2 housing. My friends and i pretty much have all of our turbo stuff coated. performance wise i am not really sure how much it helps, but the reduction in underhood temps and the ability to adjust parts that would normally take forever to cool down is great.
2009-03-22 00:07:44
Just make sure it spins freely with oil pressure going to it and you should be good to go. Well actually BB turbos arent really balanced by a film of oil like journal bearing so if you put it on and the turbo spins freely your good to go. Just make sure your running a restrictor thats the right size as you know...
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