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Thread: S4 cams dyno results (page 2)

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2008-01-07 00:48:58
i don't think you'll make 33whp by putting in S4's.
2008-05-01 10:14:01
Gonna dyno the S4 cams tomorrow. Fingers crossed
2008-05-01 15:44:05
cams will proably make the power more solid, from looking at the sheet, i say you probablywill net like 15whp with the cams, but coud probably net even more with the cams and tuning
2008-05-01 18:09:40
Originally Posted by nathan2284
i don't think you'll make 33whp by putting in S4's.

You will be very serpirsed what S4 can do. I have seen some high gains just by dropping cams in at the same boost level.
2008-05-01 20:35:00
hell yeah there are dynos on the old forum of this with s3's there are people getting well over a 30whp gain on the same boost level at around 10psi boost. The S4's are even bigger, most estimate almost 40whp and the gain is all the way through the powerband, rediculous gains on turbo cars, hell n/a s4's are like a 12whp gain, its way more on a turbo car.

I can see you hitting that 240whp easily man after the cams. What boost were you running at the previous dyno and what your going to dyno at.
2008-05-01 22:42:30
First I'm gonna do some runs with just the cams with the exact same set-up as my first dyno.That should show us pure S4 results then.

After that, I'll play around with my fuel and boost pressure to see what happens.

Only downside is that my JWT ECU needs to be reprogrammed to get the best gains. Running a 9,5:1 ecu on a DET without the S4 cam program.

Anyway, we'll see.
2008-05-02 02:09:40
Interested in seeing the results...
2008-05-02 09:07:17
x2 wanna see what you gain
2008-05-02 11:23:49

last dyno: 207,1 whp / 225 tq
1st run pure S4 cams: 222,8 whp / 236 tq
2nd run tweeking fuel pressure: 229,1 whp / 250 tq

I used the exact same setup (in my sig) as my last dyno exept the cams (straight dropp-ins). So the S4 cams gained me 15 whp & 11 tq in the first place. Since I was running pig rich we started tweeking with the fuel pressure and ended up gaining about 22 whp / 25 tq.

Runs were done on the same dynojet, same boost level (10 psi) and the same engine set-up.

IMO: I think its a bit low for S4 cams from what I've read on this forum. Best gains are between 4000 rpm - 6500 rpm. Sounds more like S3 cams.

Your opinion please.
2008-05-02 15:27:35
looks like the power peaks VERY early which i think leaves something to be desired with the trbo kit, some upgrading might be in order , since the power seems to peak early and drop off to 200by 7500 at least thats what it looks like to me.good gains tho
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