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Thread: S4 cams dyno results (page 2)

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2008-01-01 22:53:05
S4 cams dyno results (page 2)
Hi guys,

I know the Inj-->whp thread and I've searched so I know 250whp is about the max. on 370cc@3 bar and DE maf.

Right now I run 207whp/225Tq @10 psi on my sr20det with a DE maf. I want to put in the S4 cams, put it on the dyno and tune it to 240 whp.

Just for the peace of mind () I would like to have some confirmation from you guys if 240whp is still "allright" with my DE maf/370cc@3 bar set-up?? (dutycycle etc.).


2008-01-01 22:58:39
stock maf should be fine, just dropping in the cams will do the trick for your power goals to.

2008-01-01 23:19:54
x2 what coach said
2008-01-02 06:48:22
Thanx guys, just that little bit what I needed.

Hopefully do the S4 dyno next month.

2008-01-02 08:25:46
Since so many are wondering...

You still have the dyno of before the S4 cams, right? See if you can go to the same dyno, and dyno after S4's so you can see the difference on the same dyno sheet. That way it's easy to know what your particular gains were by installing the cams.
2008-01-02 11:44:30
That was my original idea

Put in the S4's and dyno again on the same dyno with the same settings and get some "pure" S4 results.

And in case I make more than 240whp, I'll downtune it a bit afterwards just to be on the safe side. So therefor my question in the first place.
2008-01-02 15:46:02
want to see the results, sounds good
2008-01-02 15:52:05
Cams increase like 15-20 peak whp, but you will be amazed with the powerband, flat power from peak boost to redline.
2008-01-02 16:32:53
Exactly! You shouldn't have to "detune" it just watch the injector duty cycle and if needed add 1psi or so of fuel pressure to help in the top end a bit if you are in the high 90 percentile.

2008-01-02 16:57:07
Only thing I'm going to ad to the setup is an AFPR cause I think the walbro is blowing my old OEM FPR away and probably causes the big dip @ 5000rpm. (right?)

For the rest: Just slap 'em in, hook on all the stuff and see what happens
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