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Thread: 10:1 On Boost?

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2009-01-29 04:22:57
10:1 On Boost?
anyone on here ever do a UK SR20DE 10:1
on boost? how do you like it?
2009-01-29 04:40:13
Originally Posted by FLiP_OnE
anyone on here ever do a UK SR20DE 10:1
on boost? how do you like it?

The 10:1 flat top pistons are very very strong so they hold boost very very well. Its all in the tuning and keeping detonation away.
2009-01-29 04:41:32
I had a 10:1 I boosted back in 03-04. It was stupid fast for the minimal mods I had on it. Sold it and some guy cranked the boost up on it and melted the piston.
2009-01-29 19:12:44
yeah they love a lower boost level thats for sure. keep it 10psi and under on a t25 or 12psi and under on a t28 and you should be fine, dont let it spike up too high cuz that instant of high backpressure and high heat will not be good at all.

Ask me how i know, hahaha,

One of my motors was a 10:1 motor and it ran hella strong on the t25 at only 8psi, Then again i upped the boost to hold 12 but it would spike 17psi, not good, i ended up cracking a ring land. So i urge you dont push it. That would be a good motor for low boost on a small turbo and probably a good 15-16 on a t3/t04 or so just keep the backpressure down and that will help rid heat from the cylinders and pistons.
2009-01-29 21:08:42
Im boosting my JDM 10:1 now and I will be running stock boost with W10 kit. Hope it will be safe and dont blow.
2009-01-29 21:14:32
also remember 10:1 has alittle more agrerssive cam.
2009-01-29 21:34:22
^I keep hearing this. Does anybody have the specs? Which cam is a little more aggressive? I should find out soon as I have a 10.1 and I'm starting my swap next weekend. GO STEELERS!
2009-01-29 21:37:07
Just spary it lol.
2009-01-29 22:14:04
If you keep the motor tuned well, as in 11:1 A/F or so at WOT and keep the ignition timing in check you can run a lot. i have seen 20psi on flat top pistons with a good tune and a DPT turbo.
2009-01-30 00:08:42
yeah i agree with a good tune it is possible and low timing, that dp turbo is a good turbo as well, the t25's and 28's just create alot of backpressure at higher boost levels than the dp turbo. Thats why you could easily get away with 16psi or so on a t3t04 60 trim on 10:1's with a good tune, low low backpressure will help keep heat out of the cylinders when it shouldnt be there.

I dont think coating your pistons will help that much either if your just running too much boost. Its true on the a/f ratio as well. My a/f was around 11.8-12.0:1 when i was running my setup. My base timing was at 15 as well. This was on all my motors but mostly 9.5:1's

I was told later i should have been around 13 deg base timing and around 11.0-2:1 or so to help keep temps down but then again you can run a lower boost level with more aggressive timing and a/f ratio and make just as much power or pretty close and probably have a better spool time.

This is why my setup on my t28 was sooooo much faster than my t25 setup with 17psi spike holding 12-13psi. It stomped it all over the powerband. I was not only just slightly breaking the tires loose in 3rd from 50 roll but spinning them till about 80-85mph, Plus even on the t25 setup it seemed as though with the boost at 10psi seemed faster than at that 17psi spike other than the fact that the spike would build insane torque down low which would break the tires loose in third, at 10psi i could not do that.

Its all about turbo sizing, a/f, boost level, and timing. So keep everything in check with the right settings and you should have a responsive setup.

Id say on a 10:1 motor with 8-10psi of boost, 11.8-12.0:1 a/f ratio will be a safe, reliable, very responsive setup. if you wanna go higher, drop your timing down 2 deg or so and drop the a/f to 11.0-11.2:1 to help keep temps down.

On a t28 its higher, and on a bigger turbo than that its higher again.
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