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Thread: My real Bluebird project..

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2009-12-16 05:05:20
You forgot to copy the img ones from face book to make the picture show up.
2009-12-16 05:24:41
Looks awesome.

Dont let Ben see those hoses for the catch can....
2009-12-16 05:27:54
@ 27 psi dropping it and dumping at anything above 4k you WILL break transfer case and tear 3 boots
2010-02-02 05:25:38
that's one quick SSS.
2010-02-07 12:55:59
Hey I've seen your post a few times and never got the chance to respond. I'm from T&T ( Trinidad and Tobago ) and a buddy of mine also has an original 4WD Bluebird SSS. He swapped in an Aviner engine and upgraded with some bolt on parts ( Stock ECU, SAFCII, T3/T4 Garrett turbo, Ebay RWD tubular manfiold, 300ZX airflow, 38mm tial waste gate and upgraded injectors )The car did 400whp ( stock internals ) on a dynojet down here and did a best time of 11.7 consistently with full interior on the 1/4 mile. The car did 500whp following internal upgrades ( forged rods, Pistons, ARP head bolts, ARP rod bolts and Cormetic Headgasket ). Everything else remained the same from his 400whp setup bolt on parts. Presently everything was scrapped out and now the vehicle is up for sale as he is putting his SSS setup in a 4WD B13 drag car.

Here are a few dyo vids of the car


2010-02-07 20:39:09
I have seen this car before, I always thought it was awesome too. I think I could get my car into the 11's pretty easy but it's hard driving on the right side when your not used to it and plus I was running the car on regular 15" tires and stock suspension so I had very little traction. The car now has D2 coilovers and better tires all I'm waiting for is for the track to open so I can go try it out. My goal is to run 10's on the stock motor..Why did your friend scrap that project?
2010-02-07 23:38:57
Honda day is coming up you should totaly do it there
2010-02-08 00:35:52
i was just looking at the new picks that thing is so dope its not even funny
2010-02-08 02:41:58
I never thought about, but do they let non-Hondas run on Honda day?
2010-02-13 16:44:07
Originally Posted by Sealti96
Why did your friend scrap that project?

To tell you the truth he got bored with it I guess and purchased an AWD B13 which his 500+ whp is currently in. I think the car is almost complete and he will be adding a host of parts that he had lying around so that the Blubebird would have dropped into the low 11's to high 10's crowd. Drags down here is getting very very competative as there are more guys who have dropped their times from 10 sec. to high 9's and low 9's and they are all street cars. He doesn't want to waste time so he is over the sss now even though the car is capable of dropping in 10's with a diet plan and a gearbox upgrade ( He was breaking GTiR gearboxes after app 7 passes total )
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