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Thread: My real Bluebird project..

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2009-06-25 18:29:11
2009-07-08 03:49:34

2009-07-08 04:10:04
Here's a small clip of me messing around again..
YouTube - Nissan Bluebird SSS turbo hole shots
2009-07-08 06:53:27
That one piece input/output shaft bearing retainer is pretty cool. Can you give some more details on that?

I gather you machined out the inside of the case where you strengthened it on the outside? Iv seen those availible for other makes of car but never for a 50 series.

And the gearset is that a usa made kit? Did you fit that kit your 4wd box aswell?
2009-07-09 14:58:14
The gear cuff helps keep the shaft from spreading apart under load which breaks the outer case, break gears or totally detroys your trans. I did machine the inside of the awd case, I just added a chunk of aluminum and welded some pieces to the outside of it. The gear set in the pics above are for my Altima not for the Bluebird but most of the parts are the same since the both have 50A gearboxes the only different is that one fwd and the other awd. The trans parts in the pics were made by PAR engineering, almost all those parts are off the shelf, only the gear cuff , ring gear+main shaft and input shaft were custom made..
2009-07-09 15:22:04
nice looking project
2009-07-10 08:50:27
So par made the gear cuff?
2009-07-10 14:28:27
can u use the cuff on a stock transmission
2009-07-10 15:29:00
Yes PAR made the cuff and all the parts in the pics, and it can be used on a stock trans but it elinminates the 5th gear comepletely. Loosing the 5th does not matter to me since my car will only see the track and thats it.
2009-07-10 15:29:38
double post..
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