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Thread: My real Bluebird project..

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2009-01-27 01:00:19
sweet car iv only ever seen them in the Bahamas
2009-01-27 01:05:02
2009-01-27 01:09:24
sweet ride it should clean up nice
2009-01-27 01:47:13
You're obvously a U nut cause you have two other parts cars chillin. What's crazy is how it looks just like the U.S. spec Alty, even the one piece of woodgrain on the Dash. You gotta take that out btw!!! Good luck with it, and please keep it outta that salt air and in a heated garage, you have a one of a kind sleeper.
2009-01-27 02:53:30
Only the black one on the right is a part's car, the sliver one is my drag Altima. I'm trying to clean up my other Garage so I can put the Bluebird in there but this cold wheather is tuff.
2009-03-22 17:50:12
Little update
Well the weather is giving me a little break to work oustide, this is what I got done so far. The dp is made out of 3" SS and the flex pipe is aluminized steel, all fabricated and welded by myself . The dp has that funny bend because I want to keep the A/C working is this car.

2009-03-23 00:20:44
Dude you live in NJ no need for A/C lol!
2009-03-23 04:03:28
The summer gets hot here and I plan to drive this thing around all summer. I want this to be the first full interior mid 11 second Bluebird so I want to keep all the features.
2009-03-25 02:24:09
Wow are the feds just not giving a **** anymore. So many people have been popping up with imported cars recently. Cars that shouldn't technically be in the country. I really wanna know whats up. Go get myself a gti-r or an evo 6 if it really is so easy and hassle free.

Nice ride by the way. Oh and like the others have said don't even let that thing see NJ winters. Looks like you already have some slight rust on the undercarriage. Don't let it get any worse. I'm from NY I know how ****ty rust is.

I'm waiting for the guy to show up on here now with a Sunny Attessa
2009-03-25 02:44:40
Nice turbo build

You don't need A/C. :P
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