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Thread: My real Bluebird project..

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2011-08-19 14:05:35
bump for an old thread. what's going on with the bb?
2011-08-19 23:39:20
Wow!! I almost forgot about this thread.

The Bird was going through some issues in the past month or so but it's ready once again.. Anybody want some??

Just messing around earlier today.
Bluebird SR20VET 2 step - YouTube
2011-08-24 03:41:28
30psi of boost and more to come!!!
Just got done cleaning up the tune on my personal dyno, we got the boost up all the way up to 32-34psi but, I think that the 15psi spring in the wastegate is giving up on me because the boost drops down to 30psi around 7500rpm and up. I'm going to setup the 2step and gonna be hitting the track on Friday with the boost it has now if all goes as planned..

Here are a few clips..

2011-08-24 03:46:16
Good luck at the track.
2011-08-24 03:49:04

Depending on how it goes I might crank it up to 40psi if the wastegate lets me.
2011-08-24 04:50:40
Here's the what the car has now.

DET block &crank
Crower rods
JE pistons 8.5:1 comp
20V head
N1 cams
HomeboyRacing retainers
P12 outter springs
P11 inners with seats
HomeboyRacing intake
N1 throttle
5-0 motorsports 1200cc hi imp injectors
Twin Aeromotive 340 intake pumps
Precision 6765 Billet BB A/R .81 exhaust housing
JWT ECU with no llimiter
Custom blow through MAF
Apexi Neo
Msd Digital 6 box
Msd multi retard box

Will be upgrading all the electronics when the new 90mm motor is in..
Aem Series 2
M&W Pro-14 ign box

Bluebird trans
Gti-r RB 1/2 gear
B15 Sunny VZ-R 3/4 gear
HNU13 Bluebird 5th gear and final drive
Gti-r RB transfer case with Nismo lsd
Spec mini twin disc clutch

Bronze Volk TE37 15x7 wheels
M&H 235/60/15 DOT tires all around
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2011-08-24 12:32:55
spec makes a twin dics for the gti-r gearbox
2011-08-24 13:19:52
The Spec I have will fit the gti-r engine, all you have to is open up the flywheel bolt holes up a bit or you can have Spec make you a flywheel with bigger holes. The only difference is the bolts everything else is the same .
2011-08-26 02:30:01
New tires..

2011-08-26 05:26:41
Looks good Jose !
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