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Thread: My real Bluebird project..

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2009-01-24 23:39:58
My real Bluebird project..
I ordered this car from Japan last January and got it in September of 08 . Its been sitting in my yard since then . I finally sold the stock turbo set up and now its time to start doing some work on it..

2009-01-24 23:56:05
2009-01-25 02:10:02
sweeet!!!!! awd madness
2009-01-25 02:27:54
Best sleeper ever!

Looks pretty good, keep us updated
2009-01-25 02:35:39
I like that bumper!

Seriously, dude your lucky! You can put down so much more power then we FWD people can dream of!

BTW What is this rusted box:

2009-01-25 03:04:53
Looks like an oil cooler being used as a differential cooler, but I might be off on that.
2009-01-25 03:16:26
I think thats just a counter weight or may be a damper..
2009-01-25 03:22:18
Just having a little fun in the snow 12/19/2008 .
YouTube - Nissan Bluebird SSS AWD Turbo fun in the snow
2009-01-25 05:31:00
You are nuts!

Keep this thing in a garage ! loll.
2009-01-25 15:13:55
Originally Posted by Vadim
You can put down so much more power then we FWD people can dream of!

Not necessarily true, all sr20 gear boxes are crap, even the AWD ones.

On a side note, pretty bad ass, can you just register that cars an Altima?
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